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Oral precum

Hi! I'm super stressed. 17 days ago I gave unprotected oral to man who might be HIV positive. (It was about 30 minutes longa and I swollowed some precum and deepthroated couple times. After oral my throat was little soar.) 5 days after exposure I had sore throat, but 12 days after exposure awful rash on my somach started.
I was reading that oral has some risk for HIV (there was one article in which was said that 7-8% HIV+ gets HIV from giving oral.)
The stress is killing me. Cant wait till day 28 to make HIV DUO test.
Was I at risk? Do I need testing? What do experts say about HIV and oral?
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Oral sex is not considered as a risk of HIV transmission.
HIV can be transmitted via unprotected vaginal or/and anal penetration, sharing IV works in drugs and from mother to child
Take care
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Even if I had a sore throat while giving oral and there was precum?
And now – 17 days after exposure I have rash on stomach, and temperature 99°F. (37,5°C).
But why some experts say that oral is risk for HIV?
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Receiving oral might be almost 0 risk, however giving oral is low risk but still, a risk, what makes you think that your sex partner might be HIV positive?
I called him yesterday and he said that 4 months ago he tested negative and since then he hasnt been in any risky situations. But who knows, because he have lot of sexual partners.
And now – 18 days after exposure I have 37,2C (99F) fever.
But why so many people and experts say that oral is no risk for HIV?
He said that he tested before 4 months and he was negative and after that he had no risky sexual situations. But there is no guarantee, because he have many sexual partners.
Now it's 18 days after exposure and I have rash on stomach and fever – 99F (37,2C). And I have a runny nose, but some experts say, that runny nose isn't HIV simptom.
I'm still stressed.
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Please ignore 52Mag92

As BeStrong said, you had no risk, and you don't require testing.

It doesn't matter if your partner was + or negative. You are safe and none of your symptoms are related to HIV.
Thank You so much! :)
I guess that some experts used "low risk" makes me nervous all the time.
However I will do DUO test at 28 days and I hope it will be negative.
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You're welcome.

The same experts who say no risk also say that they have NEVER seen a verified case of HIV transmission through oral sex. You won't be the first.

Your DUO is just a waste of time and money.

I hope so. :)
But I have also red that from giving oral there is few HIV transmision cases, but I also have red many researches that there is no risk from oral. I'm just confused.
But thank You for comments – I really feel better now.
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I'm sorry. What i meant to say was:

The same experts who say "LOW RISK" also say that they have NEVER seen a verified case of HIV transmission through oral sex.
And I hope they will never see that case.
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