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Oral sex exposure

I'm sorry if my questions are going to be too many. But I hope you will understand.

I received a blow job 7 weeks ago. About two weeks ago, on June 1st, I went through my contacts and contacted the girl.
She informs me that she is HIV positive. She told me that what we had done was safe.
I am in a state of confusion. I posted my question on a few forums and I was there no risk .

Now I have digestive problems. Sometimes my body shakes and I can see my muscles moving. I did some research and found out that it could be peripheral neuropathy. Which can be a symptom of HIV.

So what are all these symptoms due to? Of faith I wonder if it's not HIV then maybe hepatitis B/C, gonorrhea syphilis... Or just the stress that is destroying my health.

What if there was cuts in her mouth?
What if her tongue touched my glans during the blow job ?
What if her saliva contained the virus?
Is the mouth not a mucous membranes?
Does the virus pass through the glans or urethra?

Too many what ifs....

My life has become a hole of depression I don't know how to exit.
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Or just stress that is destroying my health  . You know the answer  
I lived every word you are writing and my life was miserable
I got several anxiety and depression
Although everybody was telling it is no risk event .
From my personal experience the only way to believe that you had no risk is to test negative  
Take the test 4th generation then you will be able to move on .
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All of the information you have received elsewhere is correct - there is NO RISK for HIV from receiving a blowjob.  No one in the entire history of HIV has contracted HIV from receiving a blowjob, and you will not be the first.  Receiving oral sex is simply not a method of HIV transmission.

I have no idea what is causing your medical symptoms - they could be from anxiety.  I do know that they are not related to HIV since you were never exposed to HIV.  You should see a doctor for diagnosis if they continue to bother you.
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Thank you mam,
When i seat in the midst of all of these symptoms I ask myself the following and answer:

1. Did I have unprotected vaginal with her ?
2. Did I have unprotected anal with her ?
3. Did I share intravenous drugs with her ?

Am I missing something ???

Am creating paranoia from a disease that i can not have ?
I have never had sex, this was my first experience and it turned out traumatic

Is saliva of HIV people infectious ? Regardless of the stage?
You're not missing anything.  You never had any risk for HIV.  Saliva isn't infectious.

The only reason the experience was traumatic is because your anxiety is making it so.  There is no medical reason to be anxious about this no-risk event.

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