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Oral sex on stripper

About 40 days ago I got extremely drunk went to a strip club with friends. I ended up getting a private lab dance with a stripper full nude. She was rubbing her nude self on me and oral was done on her and myself for maybe a few minutes at most. I took an HIV 4th gen AN AB test at 30 days and it was negative. I’ve had some symptoms like sore throat little cough some abdominal pain and muscle aches. Not sure if the symptoms are anxiety and guilt relate? Help please. I took an entire 10 panel std test at 30 days and all came back negative too.
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All test are conclusive.
Symptoms are irrelevant.
Symptoms are probably anxiety and guilt related due to I have my own wedding coming up in a month.
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I did a full 10 panel again at 46 days almost 7 weeks and everything was all negative again. Thoughts?
You had no risk for HIV so, no wonder your test was negative. HIV tests are looking for HIV, which you were never exposed to in the first place.
Would all of my other tests I took, tests blood tests etc be conclusive for everything else at 30 days and 46 days? Been having a sore throat lately, neck and knee are sore feel like my lymph nodes are hurting but aren’t swollen or anything maybe just anxiety and stress not sure? Thank you.
This section of the form is related to HIV only. If you have questions about your anxiety you should visit that section and ask. If you think you actually have medical problems causing your issues you should go see your doctor. You've been advised there is no risk for anything hiv-related.
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