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Panic attacks for hiv symptoms?

Hi Doctor..

I am a Male and did a blunder in my life a month ago where I encountered with a shemale or transgender or even male
(unsure) and I did not realise that unless I have started getting severe symptoms.
I came to know about her gender later when I realised that she did not let me touch her boobs or not even let me open the bra and did not even let me look down. And next day I have found a lubricant in my room which she denied that it’s her. All things made that very clear that it wasn’t a female. And my risk of getting hiv becomes hiegher if I had done anal?
I had used condoms but one of them could have been broke as it was an year old and was in my car for more than 6 months.
Symptoms I have experienced after 10-12 days are

Extreme nausea where I feel like throwing up most of the time since more than 2 weeks now.
Lost of appetite and lost weight
Oral thrush with sensitivity on tongue with a metallic mouth taste.
Dirrea( just for one day)
Burning sensation on my penis after urinating and white milky puss like urine and dark colour urine( this happened just for day or two)
Since then I don’t feel like eating and I feel strange sensitivity and taste when I even drink the water.
Oral thrush is like something very creamy has at the end of the tongue which is scrapbale but painful and comes back. Rest of the tongue has turned white.
I feel tired all the time and feel chills and headaches ( which can be due to stress)

Please guide sir/ma’am if I have to do any test if yes then which test should I go for to get the conclusive results.

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So you used condoms during sex. What sex did you do? Yes anal sex is risky. But since you used condom, low risk.
Hiv symptoms dont appear so soon. As for yours symptoms, they sound quite distressing and could potentially be an std. I recommend go see a doctor and get and evaluation.
Hi doctor,
Thanks for the guidance. Do you think these symptoms are not hiv related or can be other STD? And please explain how long hiv symptoms take to appear as I have started getting these symptoms after 10-12 days and it’s been a month they still persist.
And as it wasn’t a female for sure I had sex with. And I thought that m doing vaginal sex but later I realised it was anal. One more question doctor . Do you think anal sex can be done in same positioning of vaginal that you don’t feel it. M not sexually very active and haven’t done much sex in my life. So m not sure what has happened it looked like vaginal but as it wasn’t a female then I doubt if it was anal. Please help me with my situation.
If it was Anal or Vaginal, it doesn't matter. If you had unprotected sex, then you were at HIV risk and if you did use condom for the entire session, then you didn't have a risk. If you think the act was unprotected, then get tested with a HIV 4th Generation combination AB/AG test anytime after 4 weeks of the exposure.
For the other symptoms you mentioned, please consult a doctor.
"Burning sensation on my penis after urinating and white milky puss like urine and dark colour urine( this happened just for day or two) " : This sounds like some STD, get evaluated by a Doctor at the earliest without searching for answers on the internet.
Hi Vick, I did use condom as I said but I am not sure if one of them has got broke.
I am trying to get an appointment for the test, as you have identified my STD symptom. What are your thoughts for other symptoms I am having. Do you think if they are hiv related?
As you might already have gone through several posts in this forum, HIV is never diagnosed by symptoms. There are hundreds of symptoms that can be caused by hundreds of illness. Infact, many physical symptoms are also caused by anxiety and extreme mental stress. So, HIV can only be diagnosed by a HIV test. Chima7 has already provided you the proper guidelines for testing for HIV. All the best
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You used a condom and it didn't break, therefore you had no risk. Condom protected sex is not "low" risk, it's NO risk. Symptoms are never used to diagnose HIV, but since you used a condom and it didn't break then your symptoms are not HIV.  
Hi doctor,
That’s the main concern if condom has broke as it was an year old ( but not expiry) and it was in my car since 6 months. As I have mentioned in my main post. I have a doubt since it’s an anal sex and old condom it might had given a broke. And what about the symptoms I am experiencing. Do you think they are hive related or other std? As doctor has advised in previous comment that it can potentially be a std as per my symptoms.
Or which test would you recommend to find out conclusive results as it’s been a month to exposure.
There are no doctors here, just volunteers who answer questions.  For that reason, no one here can diagnose what is wrong with you. This is an HIV prevention forum where we provide a risk assessment and recommend testing (or not) based on that risk. In your case, I assumed the condom didn't break. But if it did, then you'd need a test. A 4th generation combo test is conclusive at 28 days or later. All other HIV tests are conclusive after 12 weeks from exposure.

Post your STD questions on the STD forum because this one is HIV specific, which is why it's called "HIV Prevention"
Hi, I have got tested with hiv serology test hiv-1/2 antigen antibody after 38 days of exposure. doctor has only written this test and asked me to test again after 3 months. Test came back negative but m again very afraid to get tested again. Please advice how accurate this test is and what are the possibilities for the next test after 3 months.
Many thanks.
My answer has not changed since I posted the first time. Please read it again and comprehend what I told you the last time.
Hi China, thanks for replying back. I have understood and gone through with your answer. Just wanted to check about that test as doctor just had prescribed that test only. I even asked him to prescribed the tests you had recommended but health system works differently here I believe.
Sorry for the wrong spelling****
A 4th generation combo test is another name for the hiv serology test hiv-1/2 antigen antibody test you took. So just follow Chima's advice.
Really?? Is it the same one Chima has recommended?? I asked doctor and he did not say anything about it and asked me to do this one. If it is the same one then I am very happy and relived as it concludes 95% of the results as per chima’s Advice right???
So thankful for your advice!!!!!!!
This form has been very helpful with my situation, however I would like to get one more advise if possible. Please tell me if I need to tested again in 3 months period time as it would be 3 months completes to my exposure next month. If yes then which test would I need to go for.
Many thanks
I answered that question with my first and second response above. Please reread the advice that has already been given. There is nothing more to add.
If a condom fails it is a large rip down the seam and it hangs in tatters. Obviously that didn't happen or you and the other person would have known it instantly and started asking each other questions. There is no need for close inspection of a condom. Your test was a waste of time. Don't test again.
Go back to your normal life instead of making HIV the center of your life, because you could never have had it.
I appreciate the advice, but I have had really sick in past and even now symptoms persist. And I wasn’t sure about the test I took but you have advised that it is a forth generation test which should be conclusive after 4 weeks.but still want to go for another test after 3 months for peace of my mind. So kindly advice if it’s required on base of my previous test I took?
you've been answered multiple times. you already said you've made up your mind to test at 3 months, so why are you even asking?
You seem to think that the only people who get sick have hiv. You need to talk to your doctor because that is illogical, so there is nothing anyone can say here to help with that problem.
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You have been told it is conclusive. Which means there is no need for further test. If you want more test, go ahead.
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