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Paranoid about HIV after possible exposure

I'm a male college freshman in New York and I've been having a lot of anxiety about the possibility of contracting HIV. The last time I had sex was on the 31st of October 2015, and it was protected, but the condom may have slipped off, but I'm not completely sure. I got tested many times after a month passed, and all my tests were negative. 3 weeks ago though, i made out with a girl in my univeristy at a bar, and now I have so many symptoms of HIV and it's scaring me, I have a fever, aching mucsles and joints, a cough, sore throat, everything basically. My doctor said it was Bronchitis, but it is exactly 2-4 weeks after I kissed that girl and it all just seems to fit perfectly that I have HIV and that I'm in the Acute HIV Infection stage. I talked to a counselor and she said that I probably don't have anything, and I know that you can't contract it from kissing, but my mind keeps playing tricks on me and keeps convincing me with "What If" scenarios. I keep thinking of "What If" the girl was bleeding from her mouth and I did not notice? "What If" she actually had HIV and gave it to me?

What do you think the chance actually is that I have HIV? I'm very scared and paranoid and the anxiety is taking over my life.
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I kissed a call girl lip to lip kiss for 2 minutes I only had bleeding gums her status is unknown her hiv status is also unknown but while kissing I dint felt any blood in my mouth we dint used tongue only lip to lip kiss and now I have site spits around my upper lips. They are painless and I have sores under my tongue I don't know what to do feeling like dying help me please I never had these kinds of oral problems before after the kiss I have these symptoms
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1. If the condom had slipped you would have known for sure.
2. Had the girl been bleeding, AND was also HIV+, you wouldn't have contracted the virus.
So, in the worst possible scenario you still wouldn't have had a risk.
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Then how do you explain all the symptoms I'm having? :(
Also why would I not contract the virus even if she was bleeding?
1. How do I explain the symptoms ? I don't. Symptoms are only associated with HIV AFTER a test has confirmed a person to be HIV+. Whatever is going on with you has nothing to do with HIV, cause you never had a risk.

2. Why wouldn't I contract the virus ? because the mouth isn't a route of transmission for HIV unless you both had two gaping wounds, in which case you wouldn't have been kissing.
Nobody has ever got HIV from kissing, and you won't be the first.
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