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Penetration after ejaculation + condom slipped down

Dear Expert,

I had receptive anal sex the other day. We used a condom during the whole process. However, he did not withdraw after cumming but kept ******* for a while. When he took it out the condom slipped off a little bit. The condom slipped half way and covered half of the shaft though Im not sure when that happened. I also realized that he precumed and cummed a lot in the condom. Does this put me at risk for HIV contraction? Thank you!
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As long as the condom did not break and kept everything inside of it you had no risk.
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I need to note this is not the expert forum.  Just community volunteers.  However, there is a LOT of free knowledge available here.
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Thank you Jcc1970 for your reply. How can I tell if everything is kept inside the condom? I could see there is a lot of liquid in the condom but I am not sure if some leaked from the base of the condom. Thank you.
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That is not a question I can answer from here.  All I can say is if the condom had broken your partner would have known it I'm sure.   This is a question you need to take up with him.
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I know that the condom did not break. What I am afraid is that because the condom slipped down almost half way and he kept ******* after ejection. The semen might leak from the base (opening) of the penis? I know I might be paranoid but Im really in need of some assurance. Thank you Jcc1970 and sorry to bother you here.
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