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Possible HIV exposure>?

8 days ago i had protected sex with a black escort. Just as we began i was fingering her vagina and performed cunnilingus. I then put on a condom and began intercourse, after we were done i pulled off the condom, fingered her vagina for a few moments and then with the hand i used to finger her, i masturbated till i was finished.

It seems unlikely but is there any way her vaginal fluid that was on my hand could cause HIV?

I was just getting over a cold when this happened. It appears like my sore throat is back but different now. I have a few muscle aches and i have since noticed 2 canker sores on my tongue, but they are gone already. It also feels like my throat is swelling up kind of. It feels strange when i turn my head I'm worried i caught something from her. It also burn's to pee and i have had a headache for 3 days.

1. Do i have a chance of catching HIV from the experience i described?

2. Is there any chance i could get symptoms this early?
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Burning while peeing is not an HIV symptom, but it could be something else so I would definitely get tested for all STI's, including HIV.  Now, you wore a condom and that prevents the passage of HIV tremendously. HIV can be found in vaginal fluid, but you had to have had a pretty decent sized cut on your hand to contract it.  Symptoms usually appear around the 10-14 day range, but that's not to say they could come earlier.  I do not believe you have HIV due to how small your risks were, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't test just to be on the safe side.  I think you should take a DUO test at 4 weeks, and that will be conclusive.
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Thanks for the quick reply. I will be taking a test as soon as i can!

I am totally freaking out.

I do not think i had any cuts on my hand.

But i was wondering if it was also a risk that i rubbed my penis with the hand that had vaginal juices on it.
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The virus dies very quickly after being exposed to air, so there's virtually no risk for that.
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I'm am sorry to carry on but i am really worried. Was what i did actually risky? Do i have a good chance of transmission? It doesn't seem like my lymph nodes are swollen, mostly the front of my neck feels swollen. My throat doesn't really even hurt. I do have diarrhea. Is there a significant chance i now have hiv? I could really use some reassurances. I am very worried.
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There is no real chance you have HIV.  You would know if your lymph nodes were really swollen.  They would feel like they about to pierce through your neck.
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