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Post pep testing

Hello Dr,

On 8 July I had unprotected receptive anal sex with a guy who "claimed" to be HIV negative. Not being able to know for sure I went on PEP 33 hrs after incident (truvada + rilpivirine). I have had the following test:

4 and a half weeks post exposure (4 days after pep) full STD screen including HIV duo - all negative

6 weeks post exposure (2 weeks after pep) HIV duo plus HEP B + C test - all negative

6 and a half weeks post exposure (19 days after pep) PCR RNA test for HIV, HEP B + C - all not detected

Today 8 and a half weeks post exposure (32 days after pep) I have a 4th gen HIV DUO test booked as well as a syphilis and hepatitis test. Can this test be considered conclusive for all and no further testing required? (It seems to suggest so on BASSH guidelines)

Thank you
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Since it was a fourth generation test, you are conclusively HIV -ve. Congratulations.
Edit : I am no doctor, and the reply is based on my knowledge about tests.
You can get tested at the 90 day mark and get rid of any anxiety that persists.
I am currently moving country (from the UK to Spain) and will be in Spain at 90 days post exposure. The only test they offer in this specific area of Spain is a 3rd gen rapid saliva test. Would this test still give a conclusive result at 90 days? Thanks
A third gen test will be an antibody test. Any antibody test at 12 weeks and beyond is conclusive.
Please take the 3rd gen test at the 90 day mark. That test will be conclusive. Your 4th gen test results are a good indicator. But I am told that you must still get the test at the 90 day mark. In the meanwhile, don't be anxious. The odds are largely in your favour. Even if the partner was HIV +ve (the probability of which is fairly low), it is not very likely that you will get it in the first encounter itself. Don't be anxious, because anxiety can cause many symptoms. Good luck. :)
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