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Risk of HIV

Hello Everyone,
I recently had vaginal sex with a call girl
I was pretty drunk and remember having protection. I called her later and asked her about protection and she said yes ofcourse you had the protection on.

Anyways I got paranoid and started PEP within 72 hours and it's my third day of PEP.

Do I have any risk? Should I test after PEP?

Please help me
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I'm thinking you should not have started pep from what you describe and a doctor was irresponsible to give this to you. That is usually reserved for having unprotected sex with someone KNOWN to be HIV +.  She was concerned you wore the condom, you had the condom and she confirmed it was on.  So, you are having anxious thoughts. Stop taking PEP. It's not warranted in this situation and can have a lot of side effects.  You can't get HIV from protected sex. The only risks for HIV are having unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles. Only the head of your penis needs to be covered.  You are imagining no condom due to anxiety. If you have an issue with anxiety, then test at 28 days but you don't need to. A one time exposure, worst case scenario is LOW risk, less than ONE percent.  I'd also like to comment that perhaps you should rethink the drinking.  If you find yourself not able to really recall things or aren't in control of yourself, that is drinking too much. But in this case, you didn't need pep and I'd not worry about HIV.
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But I am still anxious about it and already started PEP. It was my first time and I was drunk. I can't trust her
Will PEP work?
You should stop the PEP.  You shouldn't be on it.  Your anxiety is something we can't help you with.  See a doctor for that. We can't reassure you enough or over and over to be enough. There is no reason to believe you didn't have the condom on. If you must test at 28 days, do it. but it will be negative, rest assured. And that you are now asking about pep when I'm telling you that you didn't need it again points to anxiety.  
Okay thankyou.
I am still on PEP as I am pretty afraid that the condom might have slipped.
I just cannot live with the fact that I'll get infected. Getting paranoid day by day.
You are turning NOTHING into a catastrophic event.  There is zero reason for you to be on PEP.  There is zero reason to think that you are infected, since you did not have any risk.

A condom that slips is NOT a risk, as long as the head of your penis remained covered.  If the condom was not completely off, the head of your penis was covered.

Yes, you are paranoid, for absolutely NO reason.
When should I test after finishing PEP?
I am 2 weeks into PEP
Your only health risk is the PEP you are taking has potential long term side effects. There is no hiv to test for so you will just be taking a placebo test. The condom can't slip off then slip back on. Seek therapy or talk to your doc about how a condom protects you instead of wasting anymore of your time. You have to wait 4 weeks after ending the PEP to test if you use a duo test, so the longer you waste your time taking PEP, the worse your anxiety will get.
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1 You started sex using a condom but think you took it off after awhile?
2 Did she supply the protection? I'm not sure why you think she would allow you to take the condom off after you started.
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No I don't remember taking it off.
She was very concerned about protection from the beginning itself
Ok that means you are focusing on an irrational idea that she allowed you to take the condom off (despite you remembering she wouldn't do that) or that you took it off and had sex against her will. If you did that it would be rape and her pimp would have paid you a physically painful visit.
Which of the 2 irrational ideas are you focusing on?
1. You being so persuasive while drunk that you convinced her to risk hiv by taking the condom off for NO REASON, or
2. you committing rape while drunk and not getting punished by her pimp?
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