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Should I take PEP in this situation?

Hello folks, I am really nervous and anxious right now. I am a male and had a massage yesterday. During the massage, the masseuse told me she starts a nosebleed when I was upside down, so I didn't see how it was handled and if it was stoped. I asked if the masseuse needs some rest and masseuse said no it's fine.

The risk behavior was the masseuse put her finger inside my anus for a while, not deep, the length should be around the length of first knuckle of the finger. I think I have some kind of hemorrhoids, no appearance, but sometimes the anus and skin around it has some blood when wiping by paper. I am worrying there might be some blood exchange between the masseuse's nosebleed on finger and my that part.
Another risk behavior was no protection mammary intercourse, I worry if there was still some nosebleed on her chest, although I didn't see any, maybe there was I just didn't notice it.

I have done some research, it looks that blood contain hiv will become inactive after leave the body quickly.  Considering the worst case, what if the the blood drops directly on my anus (which sometimes has blood when wiping), or drop directly on masseuse's finger, and then be sent inside of anus and had some blood exchange; what if there is blood on the chest during the mammary intercourse?

Although hiv-carried blood should be inactive after leaving body quickly, but I heard anus is a place that get attacked the most often and easily, especially my part sometime bleed, which makes me pretty worried.

My logic tells me that I should be fine. My mind is just terrified, nervous, and looking for help from authority eagerly.  Considering the worst case, should I get pep ASAP or test in the future?

Many thanks!
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There is no "worst case" here.  You had absolutely no risk for HIV.  No one has ever contracted HIV from a finger (even with blood on it), or from blood on the surface of the body.

Risks for HIV are:
1) Having unprotected penetrative anal or vaginal sex, OR
2) Sharing IV drug equipment with other IV drug users.

Stay away from the two events I mentioned above, and you will NEVER have to worry about HIV.
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