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Soothe My Paranoia Please :S

1) HIV from receptive cunnilingus from male with braces and sometimes bleeding gums. At first I thought nothing of this until I visited www.thebody.org where this person was saying they got HIV from giving a blow job to someone who had HIV/AIDS and was very upset due to the fact that he/she wasn't informed by their dentist and or the CDC that this was an extensive risk. He/she is also saying there's others like him/her.

2) HIV from coming into contact with contaminated fluids and touching mucous membranes almost immediately (such as eyes, inside of the nose, genitalia rectum)

3) HIV from dentist tools during teeth cleaning and polishing tools.

4) LASTLY, I keep asking my mother; yet she keeps telling me that I'm paranoid (probably true) so what are some things that I can do try to ease my OCD and paranoia when it comes to HIV; I'm getting super anxious and germophobic as well; to the point where I second, third, fourth (you get my point) guess everything. And I know it's rediculous but I can't seem to get this out of my head! O_o

Thanks! :)
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Your mother is correct you don't have an HIV concern.
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Thanks for your unbiased answer! :)
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1.NO 2.NO 3.NO 4.Mothers are alway right--she said I was going to do well at Uni & I did.I have also worked hard caring for HIV positive people.We went bowling the other night & Of course I got 7 strikes,it was a blast.Any I'm going on here a bit.You're 100% safe.
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