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Teak! or anyone just as qualified !

hello teak,

I spoke with you 3 years ago about a possible hiv infection. its was a 1 time deal with a girl I did not know I was tested negative between 2-4 weeks  I cant really remember the time frame and when I returned to the doctors for my 3 month and because I had a ridiculous amount of cankers he pretty much laughed me out of the room when I said I was worried about hiv then he said we would be doing a routine bloodwork instead because it would be better for cankers. Feeling confident that i didnt have hiv and knowing the mathematics of a one time encounter with a female in toronto the odds of contracting hiv was more that 1 in a million. fast forward 3 years later Recently I had bumps on my penis that i thought was herpes I went for a check up and the doctor said it wasnt herpes dont worry so i didn't, then my left eye started irritating me causing severe tingling down the left side of my face it quickly lead to both eyes having what i believe to be blaphartis they are just itchy and irritated but the tingly remained and spread to other parts of the body before disappearing days later. Then I got a nose infection that a doctor thought was staph but it cleared up on its on in a couple of days. Then I developed itchy acne all over my face with tingling .after all this started I quickly went for a blood test which i am waiting on the results. since the test I have chapped lips and cheilitis possible, thrush ,swollen lymph glands in my throat aches and pains all over and my fore head is cold and clamy.Ive also lost 10 pounds in the last 4 weeks . now to the question ! lol

I work on the oil patch so I am out in the middle of no where for the next month I called the testing facility for my results they are being very weird  and say we have the results which they have had for atleast 3 days and If we need you we will call you but wont tell me if something is wrong they keep saying if you want to know the answer you have to come in. My symptoms seem to be getting worse and they all seem to be viral infections. Im wondering if these are symptoms of later stage hiv 3 years past exposure and if i should risk leaving work to get these answers?and if for some reason I am positive would they with hold that and have to do some confirmation test before calling me later down the line?

I hope you or anyone else informed on the subject can help me

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Thanks for the reply worried! im just wondering what makes you so confident it is not. Im not challeging your answer just curious as to how you came to the conclusion

thanks buddy
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Now I have a canker on my inner lower lip and on my tongue what is happening to me....
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As you don't have HIV this forum cannot help you with your health concerns. Work with your doctor.
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hi apollo ,

thanks for the response are you saying you dont believe this is due to hiv ?
is it even possible these symptoms occur 3 years later?
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Not a chance. Even if you had HIV, most people do not get any symptoms for many years, that's why symptoms cannot ever tell your status.

I would certainly say you deal with your doctor, its more likely you have herpes but like any health concern, only a doctor can resolve them.

Best of luck
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