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Unprotected Oral Possibility of HIV&Herpes .

Unprotected Oral Possibility of HIV&Herpes .

Received unprotected oral sex with following for almost 25 Minutes

1. One night stand (55 days ago) after oral she told that she is having dental problem (may be her mouth is infected)

2. One night stand (41 days ago)  

3. Protected oral sex with CSW 12 days ago (during oral she licked my Nipples and she given gentle kiss on tip of my penis with closing lips)

Now I am having following symptoms

1.       Painful urination (for last 45 days )

2.       Frequent urination (for last 45 days )

3.       Rashes on my shoulders and back side (last 4 days)

4.       Blisters on thighs (last 4 days)

5.       One blister on my lower stomach , it smells as rotten egg

6.       Dry mouth & lips (last 7 days)

7.       Occasionally pain in testicles

8.       Back pain and sometimes thigh & leg pain  

I did urine culture test on 20.06.2019 and the result came as “ no bacteria” .

Do I have any risk of getting HIV or any STDs (mainly Herpes and other non-curable viruses?)

Please provide you response on top priority I am restless, I cannot go for GP since I am outside of my home country .

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Your HIV risk does not exist since your exposure was limited to oral contact, protected and unprotected. However other STD's,  it is possible to contract some of them, from unprotected oral exposure. Suggest you to see your doctor and seek clinical help to address your issues, particularly painful urination.

Symptoms are meaningless when it comes to diagnostics
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