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Unprotected Receptive Anal 103F temp 7 days Post-exposure

Bear with me I am trying to be as honest and candid as possible. I am a gay man and I have been getting tested every year for the last 14 years since I lost my virginity. I had unprotected receptive anal sex with an old friend from childhood randomly one night and now I am sure I am HIV positive. He ejaculated inside of me 2x within 20 minutes. I was inebriated and made such a horrible judgement call I am even embarrassed to write this. The sad thing is condoms were on my dresser and we did not use them. The sex happened on 2/4.

On 2/11 I came down with flu symptoms out of nowhere. I felt fine all day and then that night my head, back and legs began hurting. I started feeling feverish I took a Tylenol and went to bed. I woke up about 4 hours later and my temp was now 103. I took two more Tylenol and rocked myself back and forth in bed because the pain was excruciating all over until I finally went back to sleep. The fever broke after 8 hours but it was rough very rough. I slept laying on a bag of frozen peas for my back and I had a bag of frozen peas on my head for the headache. Once the fever broke that morning I felt 50% better. I went to the medical clinic and they tested me for strep and concluded I had some type of virus. They did a CBC and everything was normal. I was sent away with a Z-pack. Basically they had no clue why I suddenly become so ill.

I did some research and it seems everyone says ARS typically occurs post-exposure week 2 through 6. Seems my symptoms came on 7 days after intercourse. I nursed myself back to health within a few days but the fatigue that came for a week after was really really rough. I actually had to take a personal leave from work because physically and emotionally I was just tired.

So there has been no fever from 2/12-2/21. The morning of 2/22 I woke up feeling hot. I was very sluggish and just watched tv most of the day in bed. No appetite at all (this has been constant since 2/11 I just don't feel hungry). I force myself to eat each day. I don't know if it is a symptom or stress. I have not had diarrhea, swollen glands, rash or sore throat but I got all the other ARS symptoms (recurring fever). My temp was 100.4 and I took two Tylenol and by mid-day the fever was gone and I did feel better.

I am planning to get tested 3/6 (I was going to test 3/4 exactly a month after but it is my birthday and I refuse to get diagnosed on my birthday if this is a reality). I have internalized this entire situation and I am trying to take responsibility for it. The guy and I did talk and he claims he is not positive as he has a girlfriend (Idk what that even means) and says he has only been with 4 other guys (only is what he said right). I didn't want to freak him out so I dropped the subject and wanted to keep the lines of communication open in case we have to have that talk in a couple weeks. We said it was a one time thing and moved past the act.

Emotionally I have been really stressed like I said I have been off work since 2/11 and I am going back in a couple days I think it will be good for me to get back into a routine.

My biggest scare has been the fever. I hardly ever get fever and never has it ever been so high and painful. This was one week post-exposure and then another fever 11 days after that. In my mind I just can't help but to think that I am seroconverting. The fatigue really has had me down. I have to push myself to get up and do anything. I am a depressive and I am trying my best not to go down that dark road again.

I have accepted that this is my fault alone and I have to suffer the consequences of my actions. I wish I was one of those people who didn't want to know maybe I wouldn't worry so much. The not knowing is driving me crazy. I have to know. I was going to go get tested at an anonymous site I used to go to a while back instead of the health department I usually go to because I didn't want it on my medical record just yet if I am positive. Then I began to use my brain..if I am positive I am going to be medicated so why worry about a medical file?

I decided I am going to the health department because they have on site nurses and people who can help me in case I get positive results and have a nervous breakdown in the office. Thanks for letting me vent. I guess my question would be is it possible to come down with ARS at 7 days and also does the ARS fever come and go? I didn't take any Tylenol on the days I didn't have a fever but the fevers were 11 days apart.

I am really confused but I thank God for this forum and community of people here who are so knowledgeable. I plant to get tested 3/6 and if that result is negative again at 3 months. The good thing about this situation is I really feel like I am going to be much more protective over who I lay down with and how I go about sex. No more drinking.

If I do end up being positive I have made the decision I am going to take medication.
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A fever, alone, isn't indicative of HIV infection.

Test at the appropriate time to know your status for sure.  You are catastrophizing over a single event, which carries a 1/70 risk of transmission.  
Thanks for your informative reply. I'm trying to calm down.
Why don't you ask your old friend to test so you can stop worrying now, even if you do your own test later? There is no reason to put your test off 2 days just because it is a birthday, but that is your decision - you are in such agony that putting it off will just prolong your misery.
Besides it is possible that you have Covid since neither of you took precautions so if either of you is ever careless about Covid you can easily contract it.
Agree with the above.  Did you get tested for covid?  Are you going to get tested again?  I realize HIV is a pandemic as well, but covid is everywhere right now.
I am fully vaccinated for Covid and have been since last year. Work tests for Covid every 2 weeks. Definitely not Covid. I wouldn't say I am in agony but yes the stress level has been really high. I'm starting to feel better about everything. I decided I won't be bothering him again it will only stress me out even more. He is not the easiest person to deal with and I personally think he wants to forget it ever happened. He is in the closet and doesn't consider himself gay so he is uncomfortable even talking about the act. I doubt he has ever been tested and would probably freak out if I asked him. Just not trying add to my stress. I have to go back to work in a few days and I just want to de-stress as much as possible. Also I beg to differ about getting tested on my birthday. Who wants that type of news on their birthday? Maybe that is cool for you but not for me. No way. No how. I can wait the extra 2 days and if I happen to come out negative that just makes me feel better being two more days removed from exposure date. Thanks for your responses.  
"I decided I won't be bothering him again it will only stress me out even more."
Consider therapy because you have preconceived notions about the outcomes of initiatives you would take - those notions work against you, so you need some help to get on the right path since you have not accepted any of the advice how to do it.
This isn't an anxiety support forum, especially when you disagree with the answers to the questions you asked. This forum isn't the place to sort out issues with people like him who have anal sex who effectively consider they didn't do it.
I think you might benefit from therapy because on one hand you present a picture of a person dealing with high anxiety, but on the other hand you state the stress isn't big so delaying results is not a problem. That's just my take and all it amounts to is a guess, but keep an open mind to the possibility that you are not facing up to the problem in the best way that you can.
btw, 2 days past the window does not add to the accuracy of the test.
I am well aware this is not an anxiety forum and never once did I insinuate what you are trying to project. I simply said bear with me as I wanted to give the entire details behind my exposure and what I was dealing with physically as well as emotionally. I never said I was having a nervous breakdown. I was dealing with anxiety due to the circumstances which is not rare a lot of people freak out when they believe they have seroconverted. I also never said I didn't like answers given as no one even answered my questions. The questions were about ARS occuring 7 days PE and if ARS fever can be recurring. So how could I not like answers to the questions that were never answered?

You are being very one dimensional and shallow in your replies making assumptions. I don't need therapy simply because I said I am choosing not to ask the person I slept with to test. It is a complex situation and I know it would only cause he and I to have a big blow up which would add to my stress. And for what? If he tests negative he could still be in the window period as well. His negative test won't help my anxiety. He was not receptive when I asked questions and that is not a preconceived notion that is a fact.  I didn't ask advice on how to deal with this person I simply stated what the facts of the situation are. My questions were again about ARS fever and ARS symptoms appearing 1 week instead of 2-6 weeks. You are gaslighting me and I am not interested in anything else you have to say. Thank you and take care. Maybe you should take your own advice and get some therapy and communication skills which you obviously lack. I can't believe you are on here giving "advice". Thanks for nothing.
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I personally think that you are jumping the gun here. Yes, you did put your self at risk for HIV infection, 'if' your partner was infected. However, if your partner claims that he is HIV negative, there is a good chance that he probably is, because it's seen that most people don't lie about their sero-status when asked about it directly.

Symptoms are not used to diagnose HIV infection. I am pretty confident that post this event you went on to search the internet about ARS and that's where you bumped your head hard! 100 F is not high fever, it usually can't be associated with HIV ARS. HIV ARS fever as defined by people who have been through it is a mess, most people end up at an ER.

The best course of action from here is to wait until 28 days from the date of incident and test with a IV/V generation of HIV test. If you are anxious go ahead and get tested tomorrow, though it's not going to be conclusive, it could very well be indicative. Keep in mind- at this juncture, if p24 Ag is absent from the antigen & antibody sandwich arrangement of IV generation HIV test, it will be a good indication.

Typically, in a IV generation of HIV test,   if detectable amount of antibodies aren't formed p24 antigen is probable to be detected and right after the p24 antigen depletes detectable amount of antibodies are usually formed. This, this mechanism that minimises the window period to 28 days and therefore this test is best taken at 28 days from the date of exposure.

Good luck.
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