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Unprotected situation

I’ve gotten myself in a situation once again - the 3rd time in Africa in 2 years.  
I picked up a girl at a bar in Ethiopia. Went back to my hotel and had around 2-3 minutes of unprotected vaginal intercourses (along with some other non-HIV risk activity).
She told me she is STD/HIV free, but obviously this is just her word and she was happy to not use a condom.
11 days after the encounter I developed a temporal headache which lasts to this day (3 weeks). I have had no other symptoms, rash, fever etc other than some neck and shoulder aching.
Back in October I had a similar encounter in sub Saharan Africa.
My symptoms could be anxiety based as when I went away for the weekend with friends the headache went away.
I will obviously test at 4 weeks and again at 3 months, and I am undergoing counselling for my African sex addiction.
What are my chances here? Does ARS occur just as a dull headache and aching neck and shoulders?
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Those aren't ARS symptoms and ARS symptoms wouldn't last that long, and wouldn't just go away and come back.

Just get tested at the appropriate time.  You said "again," but this appears to be your first post here, so I'm not sure what your history is.  Glad you're getting help.
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Just test once with a duo at 4 weeks or any other at 3 months. Double testing is a waste of time.
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This is my first post here. As a background: I had a situation around 3-4 years ago where I had a condom break in Africa, afterwhich I had ALL the symptoms of ARS at 14 days, fever, rash, sore throat, weight loss, swollen nodes etc. I tested at 4, 6 and 12 weeks, all negative. - big relief, promised myself I would never do it again.
Then last year I had another situation where I had unprotected sex with another Africa girl, for 1-2 minutes before I realised how stupid was being and put on a condom - no symptoms after that.
And now my current situation - the symptoms of headache are still occurring 3 weeks after the incident, not 3 weeks in duration (2 weeks now!).  Not that I think it makes any difference as all I can do is test and hope!
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Doctors can't diagnose from symptoms so no one here pays attention to people's claims they have symptoms. Neither should you. You are wasting your time keeping track of what you listed.
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