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What are my HIV risks?

I'm a gay male. A sexual partner of mine inserted his penis inside my anus completely without any protection and I pushed him out after couple of thrusts. This happened on November 15th 2015. 10 days post that I had diarrhoea and feverish feeling. I took a paracetamol and the fever went away within couple of hours. I visited a doctor for diarrhoea who attributed it to the seasonal rains and he gave an injection after which diarrhoea stopped. All this happened within a day or two. After a week or so, I started having insomnia(I wake up after sleeping well for 4-5 hours and then have bad sleep after that). On December 22nd 2015, I had a sore throat and acid reflux. From then on, I have had cold and wet cough with running nose and I've had difficulty swallowing on occasions. I also had acid reflux 3 more times. For the past 2 days, the left side of my neck is a little tender. Also, I'm having pimples(which are painful when pressed and have generally disappeared after 4-5 days) and brown spots(not painful and haven't disappeared) on my skin for the past month. I took a duo test just before the encounter and it was non-reactive. I'm planning to take duo test on 4th of January 2016. What are my risks?
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Just take a rapid test at 6 or 7 weeks after exposure ((as an indication)) and another antibody test at 12 weeks post exposure for a conclusive result.
But, you DO need to get tested.
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Thank you for the reply. I know I've to get tested and I will. My question is 2 parts

1) Do my symptoms point to a high risk of HIV seroconversion stage?

2) Is the test and timeline sufficient(Duo test(Ab + p24 Antigen) 49 days after exposure)?
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1- Symptoms mean nothing. They could be indicative of anything.

2- The best time for a DUO would be at 28 days post exposure, when it can detect the p24 antigen. Any later than that and it would only be as good as any other antibody test, as the p24 Ag becomes less detectable. You have already past that point if your exposure was on the 15th of November.
Just wait a couple more days for a better indication on your first antibody test, and follow up at the 3 month mark.
If that test is not enough, I'll also take a PCR test along with ab test. Thank you again for the reply.
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A test at 49 days ( 7 weeks) is a good indication as sleelessnights34 said.
Even if just an antibody test ( 3rd gen ) because well over most would test positive by now.
Then 12 wks to confirm.

Try not to sweat this, the duration was short and there was no ejaculation.
HIV is carried along by blood and semen and seems none of this occurred.
Still test to be sure and have peace of mind.

Thank you for the reply. It seems like I'm having slight fever now. 97.8° fahrenheit axillary temperature . I've never crossed 96.5 before this. No appetite as well. Frequent belching. I'm genuinely scared now.

He leaked a lot of precum over a small injury in my *** and I'm actually scared about it. I'll go on Monday for a 4th gen duo test(thats the only one available in my place) to be sure.
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