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What is the risk of having HIV? Condom broke with CSW.

So i had sex with sex worker when i was drunk and burst my condom which did not notice for almost 2 minutes, Wear another condom and finished outside only, later took bath and left place. Problem started after 2 weeks of encounter when i develop mind fever and can see red dot spots on my penis head only which was not painful or itchy and not bumpy, also was feeling having extra discharge(clear and no smell), this lasted for around 4-5 days and spots vanish and no leak then. But my main problem is fever which is not so high that i cannot work but has constant whole skin very hot sensation albeit i am doing my workout 2-3 days a week with all these so definitely no fatigue, but have burning sensation in backside of my eyes and swollen tonsills.
There's no night sweat or very high chill but sometimes due to body temperature high and temperature change can feel tingling sensation in my back, Also i can feel little lower back pain kind of stiffness than usual.

My main worry is that now that high body temperature is constantly present now for a month. I did Chlamydia,Gnorrhea, UTI swab test already and came negative, and booked for appointment for my HIV test in coming days but literally cannot sleep now because of all these things in my mind and definitely something is wrong and HIV seems to be probable reason for all these symptoms.

since it's now over 6 weeks so gen4 test should be 95% correct ? What are my chances of getting positive result and definitely after 3 months final test will always be there.
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If your HIV test is a 4th generation, it will be accurate 28 days after the encounter. If it's a normal 3rd generation finger-prick antibodies tests, it will be accurate 3 months after the encounter. I also recommend you to repeat the STDs test, because they might have not been accurate by the time you got them. Check our STD forum to get accurate info.

All the best.
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You had a legitimate risk so I am glad you tested.  The next important thing is to make sure you do so in the appropriate time frame.  Six weeks for a 4th generation test would yield a conclusive and accurate result.  You tested negative for which I am glad. Having unprotected vaginal is very low risk, at less than 2 percent for a one time condom burst.  So, I am not surprised you are negative.  I am glad you are though.  I would trust your result to be the final one.

Your fever may not be a fever.  What is prompting you to check it so often?  Perhaps anxiety is causing you to do so and the slightly elevated temperature is actually your norm.  You can see a doctor about that but rest easy regarding HIV.  You are negative based on your 6 week test results.
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Thanks for replying. Sorry if i was not clear, but my 4th gen test is not done and it is scheduled after 2 days, so i was confirming if that would be correct.Also my initial penis forehead rashes was that started to worries me and this constant whole body elevated temperature is definitely there with my throat swollen. Also i can feel my heartbeat is also higher than usual most time. Earlier I have done tests for STD but it was too early for HIV so was not able to did. Obviously there's a stress for HIV and with dangerous encounter followed by symptoms, it won't go untill tested, but checking here for my peace of mind atleast till it's positive or negative result.
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