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With regard to an ARS rash, when does it appear?

I specifically want to know if the rash appears at the same time as fever, or can it appear a week AFTER the fever has started?
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You had no risk for HIV.  Therefore, there cannot be an onset of an ARS rash for you, at any time.
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Condom is 100% safe? I had fever and sore throat about 3 weeks after the  sex,. The fever is better than it was, but still off work. Rash on my face, neck, chest, abdomen, arm and thighs started  a week later.
Everyone gets a cold so you can't isolate that to HIV. People cough on your lips and door knobs, so obviously that happened and you need to close your hiv self-diagnois case. Especially since you weren't exposed to HIV.
See doc for your rash instead of wasting your time worrying about science fiction hiv theories.
Ok. Thanks for that.
CurfewX has give you the finite opinion and assessment  of this forum.  You need to relax.
Thank you. It just seems such a coincidence
The human body is comprised of 10 trillion cells and hosts 10 times that many bacterial cells necessary for normal functioning, so there is a lot more going on inside your body than you think. You could make up numerous coincidence theories if you had a detector to follow it all every day.
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You don't have ars or you would be in a hospital. Did you do anal, oral or vaginal and did you use condom?
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Yes had anal sex and I used a condom.

But my question was about onset of rash?
There was no risk associated. Condom efficiently protects against HIV transmission.

Your question is irrelevant.
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