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Worried got tested..should i test again?

Risk? : Went to a shady msg place which is more of a frnt as a ***** house accepted a handjob from the girl with all her msg oils...lasted two minutes...fingered her for a few moments for those two minutes...was i at risk of getting HIV? Worried because i am an excessive nail biter and sometimes bite the skin in an around my finger too..

Test : got worried and tested at the thirty day mark around 4 weeks after the incident with a HIV1/2 rapid antibody test at a testing center where they prick my finger..got results in around ten minutes..1 line appeared on the test..two were to appear if positive...did this same test at 57 days almost 8 weeks or almst 2mnths after incident..the counsiller keeps telling me that there is a 3 month window period..same result once again...same day did a test from a hospital for hiv and hep c and B...im not sure what test it was says it was an antibody test on the result..results conclusive ? Is the end o window period consider as 90 days ? 12 weeks ? 15 weeks ?
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Hey there.

Firstly, - you had not risk of HIV.

I suffer with Eczema and have had bad outbreaks in the past with open cuts - this carries no risk.

Window periods are irrelevant for you as you had no risk, do not google test window periods as there is a lot of outdated and quite frankly incorrect information out there.

Best Wishes you HIV Negative man you! :)
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Thanks for the reply :)
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You really are okay, go and live your life without the worry my friend, - you really are okay! :)

Best Wishes
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