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Would i get hiv through my eye?

I went to a spa yesterday and there i had a full body massage and finished with a happy ending (hand job), the girl there told me that she was on her period , she started with my back and neck then she did a facial massage to me around my eyes she also touched my eyes , knowing that there was sort of an infection in my eyes , does that increase the risk of me catching hiv if she didnt wash her hand after entering the toilet and before starting my massage , note that she was using massage oil and creams , ive heard that hiv can be transmitted by eye and since ive had an infection can that increase the risk , what about the hand job since she was on her period im really worried please help .

Thank you
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What i mean is that if she touched the blood from her period without washing and then came and did my massage and then going for facial and touching the all around my eye which is infected and my eye also can she transmit hiv to me?
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No, you cannot get HIV through your eye, from someone touching it with blood on their finger.  Your eye infection is not relevant.  Fluids containing HIV, like blood, are no longer infectious once they are outside of the body - like on a finger.

HIV risks for adults are:
1) having unprotected, penetrative, anal or vaginal sex, or
2) sharing intravenous needles (with IV drug users)

NOTHING else you can think of is a risk for HIV.
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But ive read about cases that were transmitted through the eyes like if blood or vaginal fluids entering the eye it could cause transmission .
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This would only apply to a medical setting, where a fluid splash would directly exit the patient's body and splash into the eye of the health care worker.  Blood on a finger is NEVER infectious.  Ever.
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I got rash spots all around my body its itching me  , its not something related to my question right?
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You had NO RISK for HIV.  Your rash spots have nothing to do with HIV.  See a doctor if you are concern, but it isn't related to HIV.  Forget about this event and move on.
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