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Zack medical center

Dear sir
i've did test with those people and i liked the way they treated me . my tests was :
- Antibodies test -----3 days later on—it was negative (I know it was in vain).
- Antibodies test (eclia)-----10 days after exposure ---—it was negative (0.07).
- Hiv1-2 abs+p24 AG (CMIA)------21 days after exposure ----- non reactive (0.08 s/co).
- Hiv1-2 PCR RNA--------21 days after exposure --- not detected .

as you can see all of it was negative my first question is this tests good enough?
-i came back again checking on internet and i found alot of people advising not to go with ZACK medical center as they will give you a fake negative result  no matter what is the case . so any one can confirm about those people ?
or tell if any positive case was recorded by them?

thanks and best regards

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People from Dubai can tell about the credibility of the medical centre you mentioned. PCR os not a primary screening test. HIV duo test is reliable after 4-5 weeks. An antibody test is conclusive only after 12 weeks. Btw, what was your exposure?
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Sir I’ve been through an exposure for HIV infection one month back with
an Asian sex worker, actually there been no penetration at all , I only
rubbed her labia for max 30 seconds and then I ejaculated . I know most
of the people will say it’s negligible risk but am I believe it’s an
exposure no way to sugar cover it . the total contact was 30 seconds and
the thing that made me scare is that there were some kind of wetness I
don’t know if it’s from where it came but I know it was not fresh .

so you are telling me all the tests i've done it was just a waste of money and time????

am about to cry right now..
any how then if the PCR test is not that much useful what is that 9-11 day is about . if as any expert saying it's 9-11 days sufficient and i cant use it as screening test .. then what is so special about this test?
-and i found some people saying DUO test is useful after 28 days , if it's true then 21 days is not that much far from the deadline of this test .am i right?
-if an hiv infection is not cached by   the DUO test(p24+antibodies) ,or by the PCR-RNA test after 21 days don't you think it's good indicator?
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You are not infected. Dont worry. The pcr rna is reliable. ZMC wouldnt indulge in such practice. You can take a flight to nearest indian city and get tested for peace of mind. It will be worth the money spent.
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The 21 days is very good indicator that you are negative. Dr hh has said so in many of his posts. Also u hv the pcr to double it up.
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dear sir thank you very much . I know it's not possible that such a famous clinic will do that .but you know how it looks when you feel like you got HIV.hhh

any how am still falling to those who is making them self experts and start giving advises about HIV .. for those who is saying PCR-RNA is not a screening test .. then why it will be used early as (9-11) days ????????

and another thing if you combined this test with a DUO test(P24+antibodies ) i think it will be the best . i don't know am not an expert but according to what i read :

- P24 antigens will show first before the antibodies produced.
-most of the experts says antibodies will be produced on the 4th week .
-so you have to check for the P24 antigens before the 4th week .if it show up thats mean you are infected and your body didn't produce antibodies yet.
- if it didn't show up thats mean either you are not infected or your body started to produce the antibodies which will make it hard to pick the p24 up.

thats why they made the duo test with both (p24+antibodies )

-and if you did (a DUO test +PCR -RNA) thats will be the best .

am I right? i need some one who is expert to answer me....

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You had no risk.
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