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cdc exsanguinate

I am Asian    English is not good  so sorry    I have a very troubled.
Hello I went to the CDC hospital exsanguinate, many patients with HIV. Give me is a patient nurse before spray disinfection before my arm is alcohol,  After the blood, cotton without blocking the wound I didn't notice. I clamping arm. Three minutes later I open arms found inside there was blood everywhere, I hate to worry. If the nurse's hand contact with the patients in front of the body fluids, and contact with my arm inside, I'll infection?. Because I'm a lot of blood, arm clamping form without air environment. I am very worried about, is there a risk that?

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The nurse should have been wearing gloves, but even if she wasn't, any blood from the previous patient would have been exposed to the air which would render the virus inactive. (Unable to infect)

That there seemed to be a lot of blood means nothing. Some people just bleed more than others after having blood drawn and you sound like one of them.

Even if the nurse had put a cotton ball on your injection site, air can easily penetrate and would have inactivated the virus.

Again.........you had no risk.  
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Thank you for your answer
Blood interval  last time in Less than a minute ,I know air exposure to the virus inactivation, but this takes time, No experiment has studied the virus the time of death, DR H. Hunter Handsfield say ,if the person loads is very high, and my skin contact through the hands of a nurse, I bent arm and clamping ,I bent arm to the flow of blood to hybrid virus in my veins.  
I am worried that have a high concentration of body fluids in the nurse's hand . Have you ever heard of a similar case?    happened medical profession?

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NO, nothing similar has happened. Ever.
HIV is never passed in that manner.  

As an adult, you may only be be exposed to HIV if you:
1) Have unprotected (no condom) penetrative anal or vaginal sex, OR
2) Share IV drug equipment with other IV drug users

If you do not do either of those, you will never have to worry about HIV.  HIV is never transferred from person-to-person by one person touching blood or fluids, and then touching another person or a cotton ball, even with cuts or other wounds.  This is absolutely NO RISK.
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Thank you,

but I'm still very worried about, The hospital has many patients.

This is my concern:
1. the Before a person  A high Viral load
2.  the Before a person blood
3. the nurse's exposed me,
4.Cotton without blocking the wound
5. postbrachium  Frictional contact   forearm produce A lot of bloodstain  
6. virus As the blood flow into the wound
7.very short time intervals
8.  I can't find virus inactivated time data

there have been no similar things really in hospital?   I was too close to them。

I have anxiety for a long time , I have measured the test four times, because of one oral sex, there is a small cut in the penis, this test in 11 weeks,  
The accident Let yourself in a bigger panic

my English is not good  ,  I'm not sure I can describe clearly , I'm sorry

Thank you for all of you for this
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You never had exposure . No risk.
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