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cut on scrotum trimming, got vagina fluid on my cut can i get hiv?

hello, i had shaved my scrotum with a small trimmer and cut myself. i started to bleed for like 2 min then it stopped. after about 2-3 hours i had protected sex with a sex worker and i think i got some of her vagina fluids on my cut area. i washed up on the sink as soon as i was done. but im freaking out about this.

i did us a condom and condom never broke, just worried about the fluids touched my cut area.

please help i dont know if i should go to the ER and get a pep treatment.
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No. You do not need PEP, you can't pop them like Antacid tabs, you do not qualify for PEP.

You had no risk whatsoever and do not need any testing.  Based on your assumption that there was infected fluid that came in contact with your wound, this wouldn't be risk for HIV since these cuts, abrasion, wound etc can't let the virus pass through in to your blood stream, which is essential for HIV contraction.

There were 2 factors that was safeguarding you:

A.  These cuts are at the initial layer of the skin, which is effective barrier to HIV as this layer doesn't have any opening to blood vessels.

B.  No sooner after you had that cut, your body started healing it self, there was clot formation which again is an effective barrier.

You need to stop freaking out.  You don't need to go to an ER,  rather you need to stop reading about HIV and it's symptoms online. You must read about HIV and it's transmission in the FAQ section of the forum for your own knowhow. You didn't have an HIV concern, no testing warranted.

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I will second the fact that this is not a risk and definitely does not require pep. You used a condom and that's all you needed to do. You're fine and can move on with no further concerns.
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Thank you for the responses.. yea i think i was just freaking out because of all the stuff i was reading.  Thanks for clarifying everything..
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