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doubut of hiv infection

i  had sex with sexworker women( he look like hiv + because rashes on his right leg) 10 days before ,using 2 condoms and after sex I remove this condoms with my hand and touched outer area of condom and after quick I washed my hand on my pennies(my pennies contains my semen on it touched with inner area of my pennies ) what is possibility of hiv  infection to me,
have sore throat  in 11 day.(I does not check condom is break or leak but looking it's fine)
please help me sir I does not sleep from this day to till day.
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It is not possible to catch HIV from this kind of exposure. Condoms work, and skin contact doesn't transmit the virus. And a rash on your partner's leg is not a likely sign s/he has HIV. Your sore throat probalby is just a common cold. But if you remain worried, visit a doctor or clinic and follow their advice about HIV testing.

In the future, a single condom is safer than double. Wearing 2 condoms increases the risk that both will break.

Good luck and Happy New Year.
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thanks for repaly felling better now..
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but I have one another question I also loss my 2kg wight in this 12days..
but sore throat is gone in just 5hrs.also
which is correct period of primary infection of hiv to outcomes for and which is best test for hiv as early as possible to sure hiv infection...
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It still remains much more likely that you have some other condition, by coincidence, that is causing your symptoms -- not HIV. See a doctor and follow his or her advice about diagnosis, treatment, etc.
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sorry for again asking this question
but  after 14 day I have mouth ulcer in my mouth and low temprature fever is occurring in gap of 1 day.
please reply me I am so scare..
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can u also refers to the test other STD's..
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Other STDs to test for are Syphilis and Herpes.  

Both can be transmitted even if you use a condom.   Although a condom does reduce the risk, these are not transferred by fluids, but by skin-to-skin contact.

If infected skin makes contact with non-infected skin, the disease can be transmitted.  But keep in mind that it doesn't happen every time.  It's just that it can happen.

Talk to your clinic.  They can give you advise on what to test for and when.

Be well
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i have been in life's  most dangerous  situation
1st time sex with anybody( with sex worker(vaginal only )) before 19 day and I used two condoms(doesn't break, leak, sleep), and I felling some symptoms like low temperature flu,rashes during last 4 days also give the blood sample for DNA PCR but worried about if my result is positive I will commite a suicide I am just 21 year old think my rest of life with hiv...
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