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hiv worried

I have one question and am worried about HIV.

i have met a girl and she cam back to mine for a night. i found out she used cocain before but she said nothing else. we had a safe sex with condom , but i had a wart on my finger and fingered her by accident with that finger. Is there any chance of catching HIV like that?

Many thanks!
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No.  Intact condom protected sex= no risk.  Fingering, regardless of warts, scrapes, cuts, etc.= no risk.  
You used a condom.  You get a gold star.  
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so even if she had HIV for the arguments sake, because i used the condom it  is ok as you said. Thank you so much for your quick response! Iappreciate it!

p.s. would you still suggest for me to go and have a blood test, or is it not needed?
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If you are sexually active (outside of a monogomous relationship) you should have an hiv test yearly.  

Condems will protect you from contracting hiv.  If you used it properly, regardless of her status, you are OK based on this exposure.  

yw.  FFP
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