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hooka with some one at risk of hiv

I had shared hooka ....with my friend who had recently at risk as condom break  during sex with sex worker... I had share the pipe of hooka with with . Him.....he had test negative after three weeks of his risk ...I know that early to the result ...two think I m at risk ....and should I asked him to retest
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It's hard to fully understand your risk from your post buddy, if you believe you have had a risk yourself, test at 28 days or more with a 4th generation Duo test for a conclusive result.

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Sorry for my poor Language....What I mean I had share hooka (shiasha)with some one May be at hic risk .let say is there risk sharing hook a....with a person of hiv
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If what you are taking about does not include the transfer of blood, it is not a risk.

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sharing a pipe is not an hiv risk. risks are:  sharing a needle, vaginal, anal, oral sex. mother to child, feeding newborn with a breast milk.
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I guess no blood...as  he smoke the hook a n pass me .....air was exposed to pipe ....I saw no blood on pipe filter ..I cleaned the saliva if there was with hand n then did pipe on my lips .....I had no...Cut on lips ....is the was possible to transfer ....I heard it's should be fresh blood touch fresh blood .....
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i had hooka (shisha) with friend...my friend had risk recently as his condom break with CSW and my friend tested negative after three weeks of his test

we share the hooka as we always do... now i worried ...i m aware that hiv virus doesnt live out human body so long ...
as he passed me the pipe there was no blood on filter and i do clean the around of filter of if any saliva ... its took 10 sec before i smoke ...  m i at risk..
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This doesnt even qualify in the category of risks for HIV. Absolutely not. You are safe even if the pipe or hukkah blown by your friend had saliva or his blood on it.

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hiv doesn't spread that way. saliva completely kills hiv host cells and also hiv in blood. you have no risk even blood was presented on pipe.
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