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hello i know this sounds crazy but it was my first time. Iam a medical assistant and about a week ago i had a patient who came in with a boil on th back of  her neck. which was cut and packed at the hospital but i help the dr in my office to remove the packing and place in a new one . i had on gloves the hole time and all i did was spray on stuff to freaze the boil for pain and hold the packing while the dr pushed it in  we then covered  it with gauze and after i was done i remove my gloves and washed my hands. but i had no clue the patient was hiv posative when left the room the dr told me that sh was and some tme she would use other protection but not this time. why is that?what are my chance of getting it in my eye or nose without knowing? or even just catching it . I checked my body for any cuts would it have to be a kinda big cut and how much blood would it take to get it. iam newley married andtrying for a  baby this is all i need right now i have some tingling in my arms and sneezing in the morning and small headches on the front part on my forehead iam a nursing student so i knida know  but just need some help
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nothing you did put you at risk.
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thanks so much i kinda of know that but was just a little scared it was my first time i did go on line so next time i have a patient that is hiv pos  will know more about it and be able to do my best for my patient good luck with your son what was his first symptoms and how did he know i wll keep him in my prayers
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Being in the medical field, you need to be properly educated about transmission and risks.  There are actually very few situations that would put you at risk.

Also, what MANY MANY MANY people in the field tend to forget is that the consistent use of universal precautions will protect you in just about every situation.

Don't get "caught up" when you find out a patient is HIV +, because for every pt that you KNOW their status, there will be several that you do NOT.  You must treat everyone the same...and protect yourself against RISKS, not certain PEOPLE.

The people who don't do that end up making the pt feel awful by taking unnecessary "extra" precautions for the most NON risky procedures, and that simply isn't fair.  If you protect yourself with universal precautions, you have very little to worry about, plus you won't be treating people poorly and adding to the stigma.

I have watched fellow nurses gown and glove and mask up to deliver a lunch tray to an HIV+ patient, and five minutes later, start an IV on another (status unknown) pt without donning gloves.  Make sense?

Of course not....that is just ignorance.

Hopefully, you can learn early on the "right" way to do things.  Good luck!!

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thank you so much for your information did go on line and  did some reading and learned alot about it  and now understand in my own way iam a nursing student and they dont really teach us everything abput it we hear wear gloves and thats it. but i do make sure i  treat my patients up respect always no matter what. now the next time i have a patient who is hiv pos i will not be so scared after the fact.
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