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too early

I need some feedback. So tomorrow is my 23rd bday and it will be 83 days since my exposure would it be stupid to get tested a day shy of 12 weeks? Well i hoping it will be the best bday ever eventhough im scared to death about feeling like crap lately and all the freakin lymph nodes.
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your right vance.. i dont know what the hell is wrong with me man
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Here are direct words that your received from Dr.HHH, "That remains the case.  With modern HIV tests, almost everyone with a new HIV infection has postive results by 6 weeks and for sure by 10-11 weeks.  The counselor you are speaking with is simply wrong on this point (and you can tell her I said so).  You have been seriously overtested but the results prove you did not catch HIV -- especially with a sexual exposure that, Dr. Hook told you, was virtually zero risk for HIV."

83 days is fine.
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