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upset stomach in week 9

Can one get upset stomach at week 9 as ARS.

I have tested negative at week 6. Please help, very stressed right now.
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HIV pcr dna HIV1 - day 28 - negative
elisa day 28 - negative
hiv  - home test - day 41 negative
HIV pcr dna HIV 2 - day 45 - nagative

Still scared about HIV-O
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I get stomach aches all the time. I only have a 6 week negative too and am week 9 as well! Cheers to our negative and hopefully another negative in 4 more weeks!
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I just had a stomach problem and sure enough the old mind says its ARS. Well today went to the Dr. and he said it is stomach acid. It already feels better. Of course stress wil do it to. BTW the whole country now has the stomach flu going round so don't panic. Oh just in case your still worried your 6 week test is great news.
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Dude, just take the test at 13 months. I know. It sucks. BELIEVE me I know. But don't go symptom-fishing, and besides, from the little I know about HIV, ARS symptoms don't occur at the ninth week.

I know this stuff is scary, so I'm not knocking you. But anxiety can cause an upset stomach. As can food. Or coffee.
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