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The new rage INSTANT POT

So, this thing seems to be all the rage and I got one for Christmas.  It appears to be associated with fast, healthy cooking!  Won't lie . . . comes with 9,002 buttons and instructions that look like a NASA flight plan and I'm completely intimidated by it. But WANT to use it.  Would love recipes that others have tried.  Share please!!
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Now I've got to look up a picture of it.
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Here's an attractive-looking soup that showed up when I was looking at the space-age pressure cooker.

I do love broccoli cheese soup!  Panera kind of ruined it for me as theirs is so good (to me).  I tried making broccoli cheese soup at home and it was for when we were having company.  The cheese burned. Have you ever smelled burned cheese?  NO Bueno. But I'm will to try it in a cooker that takes control over it for me!
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I don't have one, but have thought about getting one, so have been looking around to see if I can find enough recipes that, both my husband and I would eat to make it worthwhile.

I found a couple of sites that have quite a few recipes.  I know I would eat many of them, but my husband probably wouldn't.  That means if I made a pot of soup, I'd have to eat it for days on end to get it gone.  I don't do a lot of cooking in my crock pot for the same reason, unless it's something I know I can either use up or freeze leftovers for future meals.

Anyway, here's a couple of sites that have some rather good sounding recipes:

I do think you can get various sizes of the instant pot. They make a small size I believe.  That's hard when you have two separate eating plans in the house!  
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Thanks for the recipes!  I really want to embrace the instant pot!  It's all the let the pressure out slowly stuff that scares me.  My face isn't great or anything but I'd like to keep it intact and not blow it off making dinner.

My friend passed this on to me, it's for barbeque ribs.  Would that be something your husband would eat Barb? https://tastesbetterfromscratch.com/instant-pot-ribs/
Thank you.. He might eat those ribs if I found the right rub to put on them.  I'd hate to buy an instant pot just to make one recipe though, but I am still doing research on them and considering the possibility of getting one because we do make things like pot roast, scalloped potatoes and ham, etc that we both eat sometimes and I'm sure I could do those in an instant pot and it wouldn't take nearly as long.

I'm not so afraid of letting the steam off these as I would have been an old pressure cooker (which I've  never owned); for some reason the instant pot doesn't seem as intimidating.  Also, make sure you stand back when you release the pressure just in case... lol
It is supposed to be safer than the old pressure cookers.  My mom used one all the time and she'd stew a chicken, cook up green beans, potatoes and ham, etc. really fast.  That was what enticed me.  It cooks things very quickly and you can put it on timer to do also.

But no, to make one recipe, it wouldn't be worth it.  I often find myself at 5 o'clock saying "hm, what should we have for dinner" and it's too late to defrost something and get it cooked to eat at a decent time. That may happen to you far less than me!
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