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perhaps a stupid question, but......

i've been looking through some of the recipes on here and i noticed a couple abreviations that i just want to make sure i'm right about what i think they mean...  does T mean tablespoon?  and does FF mean fat free?  :)
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You're right on! FF means fat free. The big T means tablespoon or it's sometimes abbreviated as Tbs. The little t means teaspoon or it's sometimes abbreviated as tsp.
I hope this helps! :)
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thanks!!!  i do cook...  i've just always read recipes w/ everything spelled out!

this forum is great!!!  i'm getting alot of useful things from here.  dh will be glad when he comes home and i have a brand new list of things to get from the grocery store!  we're also stuck in a food rut here...  nothing ever sounds good anymore.  and when dh gets recipes from the internet, they're always great but you have to buy sooo much stuff to make them it ends up being way too expensive to keep doing that!  plus i want my kids to be able to like what we're eating (most of the time) so i'm looking for healthy and kid friendly recipes!  :)
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