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We are in the process of getting our vacation together. It's EXHAUSTING.  Trying to make everyone happy and picturing a 10 hour car drive, packing up the whole house . . .   not sure it even sounds fun at this point.  LOL

What do you guys do for vacation?  (not that anyone posts here.  :>(()
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:) I was lucky enough to have two beach vacations with my girls and a camping trip.  What do you want to know?  Depending on their ages, I'd say, don't overpack, just pack wisely.
The packing and the car ride are by far the worst.  But be prepared to keep them entertained... have ideas for lulls in their ability to occupy their own time, have word games, (At my kid's ages we can name animals for every letter of the alphabet or things to do/see/are at the beach).  

Once you get there, enjoy every minute of it to the fullest.  That means no electronic devices for you or them.  You will thank me for it!
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We are going on vacation soon.  We are going to a South Carolina resort that is one of those island communities with beach, golf, kids activities, pools, etc.  You drive around in a golf cart.  We've never done that kind of vacation.  Every summer for the past gazillion years, I've gone to a lake cottage.  I went as a kid with my parents to the same cottage and then as an adult rented it for my family.  They closed it this year (tore it down for million dollar houses---  boooooo).  so, it is my first year not going to the lake cottage I've always gone to.  I have had a hard time with this.  :>)

We have a very long drive to this beach vacation.  We just planned it and I'm realizing 10 hours in the car could be torture.  

Hoping it goes well as we build memories for our family
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We took our kids to New York City not long ago . . .  we thought it would be cool to stay right on Times Square in the heart of the action . . .   not so much.  Overwhelming for the kids, wall to wall people.  We had fun but it was NOT relaxing!
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We usually take a beach trip to NC each year.  This year was a pass due to scheduling conflicts, finances, etc.  The entire family was heartbroken and I promised to do better next year (if possible).  It is exhausting for mom getting ready.  We also pack basic food needs so we don't have to pay island prices when we get there for everything.  We go to the same small family resort each year...it is the same place I went as a kid and DH fell in love with it before we had kids,  My kids LOVE going to the same place, knowing their way around, knowing what to look forward to, knowing we will throw in something new.  It is a truly relaxing trip.

The car ride for us is 16-17 hours.  We have always driven long distances with our kids and they do well.  The kids get to pick out movies to bring and rotate turns choosing.  They pack electronics.  I always pack extras like a Bingo Trip game, or a "Find It".  

We always have access to a washer and dryer on site, so I pack probably too much, but always do laundry while there...also keeps me from having to haul home dirty laundry.

Thank you for letting me walk down memory lane...esp since we didn't get to go this year, :(  Most of our family trips anymore are to soccer tournaments which really are NOT a get-away.:)

Hope you had/have a BLAST!
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