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echocardiogram results

i had a echocardiogram for chestpain and also felling lightheaded i had 2 stents placed in may 2016 for a 80% blockage of mlad i am on palvix and asprain everyday the reason I had the echo was because my pcp heard a heart murmur witch I have never had until now  just wanted to see if anyone could help me with the results I will post them now

All cardiac valve are structurally normal with no hemodynamically
significant stenosis or regurgitation.
Normal biatrial dimension.
Normal Bi ventricular dimensions and function. Estimated left ventricular
ejection fraction of 55-60%.

Electronically signed by GHIMIRE, MD GOPAL(Interpreting physician) on
08/05/2016 06:32 PM

Mitral Valve
Mitral valve appears structurally normal.
No evidence of mitral valve stenosis.
Trace mitral regurgitation.
Aortic Valve
Aortic valve appears trileaflet.
No evidence of aortic stenosis.
Trivial aortic regurgitation is noted.
Tricuspid Valve
Tricuspid valve appears structurally normal.
No evidence of tricuspid stenosis.
Trace tricuspid regurgitation present.
Pulmonic Valve
The pulmonic valve was not well visualized.
No evidence of pulmonic valve stenosis.
Trace pulmonic regurgitation present.
Left Atrium
Left atrium appears normal in size and the left atrial volume index is 26
Left Ventricle
Normal left ventricular cavity size.
Increased left ventricular wall thickness.
Doppler flow profile suggests a normal diastolic filling pattern.
Left ventricular ejection fraction of 55 %.
Right Atrium
The right atrium is normal in size and right atrial area is 13.5 cm^2.
Right Ventricle
Normal right ventricular size.
Right ventricle global systolic function is normal.
TAPSE = 2.82 cm.
Pericardial Effusion
No evidence of any pericardial effusion.
Pleural Effusion
No evident pleural effusion identified.
Aortic root dimension within normal limits.
The IVC appears dilated.
IVC respiratory change in dimension > 50%.


Mitral Valve

Peak E-Wave: 0.94 m/s
Peak A-Wave: 0.67 m/s

Tissue Doppler

Septal e' Velocity: 0.08 m/s Lateral e' Velocity: 0.10 m/s
Average e' Velocity: 0.09 m/s Lateral E/e' Ratio9
Septal E/e' Ratio:11
AVE E/E' Ratio10

Aortic Valve

Peak Velocity: 1.37 m/s Area (continuity): 2.58 cm^2
Peak Gradient: 7.51 mmHg Mean Gradient: 4 mmHg

Tricuspid Valve

Estimated RAP: 10 mmHg


Peak Velocity: 0.9 m/s
LVOT Diameter: 2.3 cm


Left Atrium

LA A/P Dimension: 3.9 cm LA Area: 18.55 cm^2
LA Vol/BSA Index: 26 mL/m^2 LA Volume: 58.4 ml
EF Estimated60%

Left Ventricle

Diastolic Dimension: 4.29 cm Systolic Dimension: 3.22 cm
Septum Diastolic: 1.11 cm
PW Diastolic: 0.79 cm
EF Calculated: 55%

Right Atrium

RA Area: 13.5 cm^2



Aortic Root: 3.2 cm
Ascending Aorta: 2.9 cm
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Hi Im not a doctor but will offer whatever help I can. The results are very good. The EF is 55% which is perfect. There is little if any problem. All the valves are working well also. One question, do you have any Hypertension issues? I just asked because the left ventricle wall is thickened and this is sometimes a sign of raised BP over time. Anyway your in good shape! I guess you will be on the Plavix till next April! Keep us posted
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