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Hello, I am a 40 year old female. 114lbs, and for a few years I have been having elevated heart rate. Back then I didn't take by pulse, ...
I was experiencing severe side affects from taking atenolol. I have been off the medication for 6 weeks and am still very ill. The sympto...
My son was put on this medication after meeting his primary care physician for the first time. There was blood work orders that came back...
Heart doctor did sonogram everything looked ok. Primary doc prescribed physical therapy, pain worse. Need to find out what is going on, q...
Ive had palpitations and very noticeable rapid pulse in my throat for last 3-4 months its really concerning me, had dull pain in centre o...
Last weekend I went to the hospital my asthma was bad due to a scented cancel usually it’s not bad. I took albuterol more than I should h...
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