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Lately, I have noticed that when I go to sleep, I can feel my pulse in strange places, such as fingers, legs, stomach...and lately, all o...
A patient 90 years old, suffering congestion, dry cough, urinary infection, under dosage of cough syrup was sleepy. Then was given Cefuro...
Hi,2 months ago I started experiencing heavy heart palpitations along with chest pain, dizziness, short of breath, lightheadedness. Went ...
I've had heart problems for nearly three years now (18 till 21). It started with a simple fast heart beat. On average it goes 110-200 BPM...
I was diagnosed with diastolic dysfunction grade 2 more than 2 years ago. I have been involved with a strength training circuit training ...
Help! My mom had cardiac ablation on Monday - was told it was a text book procedure - everything went well. Her blood pressure has been...
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