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I had a stress echo done and it showed I had trace aortic regurgitation. The cardiologist did not seem to be concerned and said to have a...
Someone please help me with this i feel like i can't function anymore i'm 34 male white. 5'5 160 pounds. smoke pack and half for 15 y...
After spending the night on observations at the hospital and a stress test the heart doctor prescribed me 5 mg bisoprolol because I have ...
Does anyone know why bending over at the waist brings on PACs or PVCs? Seems like almost every time I bend over to pick up something off...
Hello, I recently had an EKG given I was experiencing high heart rate. Ffter going to a cardiologist, they mentioned my results were...
Along with the Mild Aortic Stenosis PPG 9--11mmHg found . I was to have Trivial Mitral and Tricuspid Valve Incompetance. I'm 50 years old...
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