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Dear Viewers, I, Prashant Wadhwa, am urgently seeking reviews, personal experiences, and medical advice from anyone familiar with EECP...
I was diagnosed with LVH mild/moderate in 2014. I was 23 yrs old, active male. A year ago I got a repeat echo that showed mild LVH. And t...
I'm currently pregnant, almost due. I was just curious what the life expectancy was for my baby. It's my second kid but only difference i...
I just had this Nuclear Stress test which revealed a post Stress test EF-->56%. There were no reversible or fixed Defects found. Im 62 ye...
Hi, I have been having trouble lately with breathing. Occasionally I'll have episodes of labored breathing that last for several hours. M...
Based on image what you recommend for heart surgery immediately or later and what kind of surgery Dr recommend
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