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26 Male. No drugs, tobacco, liquor, or caffeine. Only health issue according to my doctors is Gerd/Acid Reflux and Anxiety. So I get...
is it safe to have an MRI?
Sometimes when I sleep my fast heart rate wake me up. Sometimes I can be setting looking at TV and it starts beating fast. Sometimes it c...
I HAVE RAPID HEART BEAT AT NIGHT, this wakes me up and my heart is beating so fast I can't count the beats, my blood pressure is like 190...
how do you test for plaque in the arteries? I've seen a cardiologist for a mild mvp with regurg that is now worse and I'm concerned about...
Hi! I am 34 years old. I am currently having chest pains in my left side. It feels like a stabbing feeling above my left breast. I went t...
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