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short term memory loss

My short term memory is not 100% as it is, although it is not as bad as my long term memory, and when my blood pressure is really high ( 160/100+ ) I seem to have short term memory loss that increases with the increasing blood pressure numbers. Is this a direct side effect of high blood pressure, others with hypertension having suggested it effects their short term memory, or is it confined only to myself because of my memory problems? This is a very important question I need answered for a number of different reasons.
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have you been to the dr with your memory lose.   i really dont know if it has anything to do with high bp, i have never heard of that before.
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Short term memory problems can be caused by lower cerebral blood flow due to heart disease or stenosis (narrowing) of cerebral (brain) and carotid (neck) arteries. High blood pressure does not necessarily mean a reduction in blood flow, but it does indicate the heart is pumping against high resistance.

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yes i agree with low it can happen but never heard of it being high and memory loss
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As we age, we all suffer short term memory problems and cognitive abilities, but to a different degree in different people. In an issue of Neuropsychology, which is published by the American Psychological Association (APA) research showed that people with high blood pressure obtain these ageing symptoms earlier than those with normal pressure and to a higher degree.
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I don't believe high blood pressure has an immediate effect on short term memory ie today my memory is slightly impaired because my BP is higher. But cognitive decline involve psychological factors such as stress and depression also negatively affect the healthy aging process as stated.  Increased blood pressure speeds up the aging process, and with age there is a decline of cognitive and memory ability.

It seems the direct effect for aging memory impairment is decreased blood flow to the brain and processes nutrients that enhance brain activity less efficiently than a younger person.

Health Center: "The hippocampus is especially vulnerable to age-related deterioration, and that can affect how well you retain information.
There’s a relative loss of neurons with age, which can affect the activity of brain chemicals called neurotransmitters and their receptors.
An older person often experiences decreased blood flow to the brain and processes nutrients that enhance brain activity less efficiently than a younger person".

High blood pressure, diabetes, poor nutrition, and social isolation are associated with a higher probability of developing a neurodegenerative condition
Heart disease
Family history of dementia

Several factors cause aging brains to experience changes in the ability to retain and retrieve memories:

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