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After a stent is put it, how long can one expect to live, post op?

I had a heart attack in Taiwan, where I live and work, on November 6th. Took a taxi to the local ER at a Catholic missionary hospital, ran to ER and said "help me", they did and put me in ICU for a week, stent went in three days after entering ICU, great doc and nurses, no medical insurance so I paid cash, all taken care of now, bill came to US$5000 and I pick up meds now once a month for about US$100 cash again, as I am not insured. Recovering well. Am 60 going on 19, headed for 83 I hope. But one question I have: with a first HA at age 60 and stent put it, how long can one stent last? And how long can a gent like me expect to live post-op? Could I make it to 83? Or is that Mission Impossible. I was always hoping my tombstone would read "Danny Bloom, dreamer (1949-2032). But now I am not so sure. I am eating all veggies now, walking daily, sleeping well, but I am worried. Very worried. I still got a few more things I want to do before I croak. What is the prognosis? I say this as a doctor's son who ate too much junk food and red meat in the 1950s and 60s. Ouch!
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Firstly I doubt if it was a full heart attack, a serious one because they would not have waited three days before stenting. My stent was put in within 12 hours. Your blockage has been treated and the questions you ask are unfortunately not possible to answer.
However, you do have a lot of control over the problem yourself. You can alter your diet, lower your stress and exercise. More importantly, you now know the symptoms and will very probably recognise them much earlier if another blockage forms. There is no reason why you can't go on to live to over 100.
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i agree with ed34 when i hadmy heart attack they did my cath right away. as for how long you will live that is up to god. as for your heart follow your drs plan and change your lifestyle you can go for along time
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well with that great attitude I would say at least 83  .its all in the mind dear boy all in the mind ...
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thanks for your advice and help. it's true, i felt symptons of the coming HA a few months before, but I kept trying to deny they were real, i was in denail, i did not want to believe ME, was going to have a HA..... when I was riding my bicycle a few times in weeks and months before this past summer, i soemtimes felt a slow throbbing pain in my chest after riding quickly from the copy shop to the bus station, but i always said to myself OH THAT IS JUST HEARTBURN old people start to get heartburn around this age,......and once when I was just sitting down drinking beer at a sidewalk noodle shop, the same pains came on, and I said to myself same thing: must be heartburn......the pains always lasted JUST a minute or two, so I thought yes, Lord, let it be heartburn. But on the fateful fated day, the pains began at noon when I was sitting down at the computer and they did not GO AWAY this time, and lasted for one hour, then two hours, then three hours, I kept thinking NO THIS COULD NTO BE IT...but finally in the 4th hour of continued pain in the chest, not deep pain but felt like horses riding on top of me, I went to nearby clinic to get my diatbetse4 type 2 meds and while there i asked the nurse to do my blood pressure and it was VERY HIGH, she told me IT IS HIGH SIR.....so i knew right then and there, BIG TROUBLE THIS WAY COMES....i walked outside, hailed a taxi, he drove to the ER about ten minutes away, i walked into ER and here i am 2 months later, a stented man. I saw the sonagram xray scren of my moving herat, the doc showed me at my bedsaide and i could SEE with my EYes that the top half of the heart was NOT BEATING, just dead as a doornail, the doc said my bottom half was beating OK but that the top part was not getting enough O2 and this was big trouble. he said first we'll do stent and maybe later if need be,, go to Taipei for the bypass op. So when I saw the moving poicture of my heart on the scrreen monitor with the top part DEAD NOT MOVING, that scared me  sure. Doc says the stent should get more O2 into my heart and on 3rd month he will check how top part is doing......he looks upbeat, but i also SEE soemthing in the DOc's eyes, that tell me this is VERY SERIOUS and he almost THINKS I WILL BE DEAD soon, but he doesnt want to tell me....that;'s okayh if I die, i have a had a wonder full life, and am ready to say sayonara. in fact, i already said GOODBYE many times and i am 1000000% ready to pass to the next level of this multilevel marketing scheme called LIFE 101 in the DNA department. God bless you all for your thoughts and ideas...DANNY eternal optimist, with WHO KNOWS HOW MUCH LONGER TO LIVE....if my posts here ever stop....u will know why....meanwhile, a guy in Texas is recording my stented heart song now i will put link to mp3 when it is ready. NOT commerical, free song, just for fun. therapy for me.... SMILE, Danny Bloom (1949 - 2009)
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I have triglyceride 400 what are the chances of getting a heart attack. My ECG shows that my heart is completely fine now. Grateful if you can email me your kind respond on ***@****
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