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Allergy season and increased heart palpitations?

I have a weird question. has anyone noticed they have increased palpatations/heart flutters during
allergy season.
I'm a 50 year old male in good health, i ride a bicycle 9 miles a day, M-F. I have a history of occasional A-Fib (5 times in 15 years, that lasts about 8-10 hours an episode and than converts on its own).

I have noticed that during allergy season i get palpatations, usually  only when I am resting, it never happens during my intense lunch time bike rides. I refrain from taking antihistamines. My cardiologists has prescribed Allegra but I do not like to take then . My allergies are bad, very bad.

I was wondering if anyone has had any similar experience?


Worried in Maryland
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I know we all have our different triggers.  The fact that the palpitations vanish with exercise is a good sign!  I would ask your doctor about it, but you've probably just got run of the mill palpitations aggravated by your body being irritated with the allrgies.  It's a rough allergy year too, from what people are saying.
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I was wondering the same thing.  I can feel my allergy (I get itchy) and I have developed palps at the same time.  Is this common?
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i also have noticed palpatations slight burning headache. stomache ache and shortness of breath especially at night
I have just started getting the exact same symptoms including mysterious stomach cramps only at night.  I additionally have rhinitis and occasional racing heart. It’s October in  Maryland and I wondered if it could be seasonal allergies. It’s 2020 and this post is from 2008 so I wondered if your symptoms turned out to be seasonal allergies or if you were diagnosed with something else. Thanks for your help.
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i too have increased palpitations during allergy season, it seems to happen once a year, from about feb-may and is scarrey for me i've had all the tests echo, stress, even catheder but no cause is found, i gues i just have to live with it but ur not alone if it helps...
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I definately notice weather pressure triggers which go along with allergies.   Whenever the temperature fluctuates a lot - the palps get bad.  If there is a low pressure system coming in, sometimes they'll get bad.   I hate them!!  Aren't we the lucky ones to feel them.!
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i just finished a stress test to find out my pvcs are non existent when exercising. but am suffering terribly with my allergies now, sneezing stuffiness and itchiness and my heart rate converted back as soon as it was in resting mode.
I don't know if  i should take my allergy meds any more, so i discontinued them about three weeks ao
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I have noticed the palps gets worse from both food and inhalant allergies/sensitivities.
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I have the same problem with food and palps. Do you notice any certain food that seems to make the palps worse than others? For me it is wheat, along with several other food.
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I have noticed an increase in heart palpitations in the spring when my allergies are acting up.  After 3-4 years of this happening, I asked my Dr. about it and he said that it could very well be from my allergies.  Funny that I was the one who noticed the pattern and not him.  
Each year he would do an EKG and find it normal and one time, even sent me to a cardiologist. who had me wear a halter monitor.  Everything has always been fine.

Last year I had a thallium treadmill stress test and it showed nothing abnormal either.

With all of the tests I have had done, I have learned to not let the palpitations bother me as much.  Notice I said "as much" ...they still scare me ( I hate the way they feel), but nothing like they used to!

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I thought I was crazy (and possibly dying) until reading these posts. I have also noticed a PVC/allergy connection.
I travel to work once a month in a hospital lab, doing long shifts(32 out of 48 hours). It's a dustier environment than I'm used to and my PVC's are always worse here. Last night while at work, my PVC's started acting up again. I had forgotten my nasal spray for a couple of days, so I took a benadryl and after it kicked in, no more PVC'S!

My PVC's are definitely worse with summertime allergies. Last June, again while at work, I ended up in the ER with a cardiac workup (thankfully all normal). In retrospect, I wonder if that episode was related to the PVC/allergy connection?
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Allergies to some chemicals such as in perfumes, solvents, even shampoo can cause palpitations.  I know someone who was using a particular type of shampoo.  He didn't make the associaton, nor did his cardio, until it was pointed out to him by another.  He stopped using that brand, and no suffers from tachy!!

I also get palpitations in particular if exposed to solvents, paint fumes, etc..
Me too
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I have had palpatations all my life.  They worry the life out of me.  I have had Dr's that hear them and say they aren't normal until they do a test then say "no problem" and then others just don't seem to care.  Act like I am just a worry wart. They definately get worse during allergy season.  I have a thyroid condition and have to take medication, (synthroid) for that and it aggrivates it also.  I went into a perfume store recently and thought I was gonna pass out because they were so bad.  I also recently started a new job where there is a warehouse in back and the guys are constantly painting and I think it's seeping through the walls and coming into my office because the palpatations have been non- stop lately.  I don't have a way to stop them except a little xanex.  The doctors are relunctant to give that too much as I am to take too much of that and I can't take it very much during the day.  What do you do for your palpataions?
Piriton works for me but it can make you drowsy but I find the drowsiness much easier to deal with compared to the heart palpitations...that is scary. I hate taking it often though but my reactions are triggered by scents and chemicals which are hard to avoid even though we only buy scent free products at home now...soap, detergent etc. we mop with mild bleach or vinegar. It is. Wey challenging.
I started buying more expensive house paint when the house needs touch ups. Sherwin williams has paints with little or no Voc's. You can check it out. I believe it means volatile organic chemicals or something like that. Hope this helps.
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I too had heart palps during allergy season. My primary care doctor found nothing wrong. Eventually, he suggested it might be the allergy medications I was taking. He suggested I stop taking anything with sudafed in it (anything with D). He suggested Allegra. I am not sure that it helped any. I too was working out and noticed no issues after a run or bike ride. Eventually I went into the hospital for colon issues. At that time, they discovered I had a heart arrhythmia issue (racing to 170 beats per minute, but not all the time). 8 months later I had an ablation procedure on my heart. This seemed to work. However, at times I noticed some rhythm issues. But they coincided with me taking certain medications (Nyquil/Dayquil). My heart do said that was a no-no. Recently, I have been taking Allegra everyday for allergies (past 2-3 weeks). I am feeling like I have rhythm issues again. I am going to stop taking Allegra and just deal with it. The one thing the docs all recommended and gave me why in the hospital was Benadryl. Of course that knocks you out, but there seem to be no rhythm issues with it. So if allergies get too bad, I will take a Benadryl and deal with the drowsiness.
Pirton works for me. Maybe you can ask your doc about it. Also my doc prescribed citrizine.
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I hope this might help someone that had this health issues,

I had  heart palpitations my entire body would shake, dizzy, foggy headed, felt like something was in my throat
light headed, nausea , itchy skin even hives, well went to the big medical facility here had full work up saw MD cardiologist they did the monitor/holter, stress test, ultrasound ran test and thought it was pvc gave me some meds made me so sick in three days .  I decided to straight  to my Chinese Medicine doctor who told me he seen this before and cured the person ! And then cured me in two weeks! He put me on Chinese herbs which stopped this in its tracks, and  Put me on food elimination diet for two weeks eat only chicken turkey lamb rice, blueberries, pear, onion, garlic olive oil water, and any vegetables,  except the nightshade vegetable and maybe black bean quinoa in my case he said it thought I should wait, until the two weeks mark, then you introduce one food corn for 1/2 day then you go back on diet for 3 1/2 days then so on with corn, sugar, caffeine, wheat, soy etc. I quickly learned that the allergy blood test is only 50 percent accurate so do this diet helped me really figure this out, Anyhow I was so lucky to find this out because it quickly narrows down the cause I had no idea how sick food allergies can make you I think this was a contributing factor in my case , but not the root case  The other piece I want to add is my ENT doctor told me to NOT let the cat sleep at the food of our  bed because she has cat dander can cause inflammation of sinuses, respiratory and heart palpitations it takes Two years for cat dander to disintegrate, so we kept her out of the room. We hired  dry foggers come in of course that cat was outside during fogging , I have read about a I think it is spelled benefact disinfectent that is made from Thyme oil supposed very safe for cleaning ,...anyhow  we bought an IQ air system for our room and luckily we have leather furniture and hardwood floors to keep the dander level down .

This process takes some investigation to findthe cause the obvious stuff I'm leaving out but here is some other ideas could be food, plants , pets, factories close to your house,work place-sick building syndrome, vitamin deficiencies, hormones imbalance, acid reflux, or lack of stomach acid, hidden dental infections, parasites, Mold is a big one,  EMS- cell phone, lab tops, microwaves, wi-fi smart meters,  living 1 mile radius of freeway release benzenes into the air and makes some people sick, living to close to an airport people had three times higher carido issues , sleeping on a mattress with fire retardants and other chemicals, it could be radon, carbon monoxide leaking the list goes this is just a  few ideas,
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I am noticing that my palpitations that come out of no where and cause many problems for me might be because of allergies. I noticed they are back from last year at this same time and I know there is a lot of pollen in the air as well as a lot of uncontrolled fires in California where I live right now. So, maybe air pollution too. I don't know. I know that I too am noticing there could be a link.
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Yes I have PVCs with ragweed allergy in the early fall and alternaria mold allergy in the late fall. It is an unbelievably cruel affliction. I also get GERD, IBS, anxiety and depression from allergies.
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I have very similar symptoms going on 4 straight years now. They usually begin in about early to mid October (I live in South Texas, USA) and are gone by the end of November. I've gone through all the workups and procedures that found my heart to be very healthy. Still it's very uncomfortable. It's funny how I've spoken to multiple doctors and none of them have ever heard of allergy-related palpitations, yet here I am on this web site seeing many people with the same issues.
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I also have bad PVCs this fall season. I called 911 a few weeks ago as I felt I was fainting or dying. The doctor hospitalized me overnight for observation with a heart monitor. All my tests came back negative. No heart attack, no stroke, no other reason for the heart palps so they diagnosed me with A-fib & gave me a prescription for flecainide. I don't like the meds as they make me feel disoriented and depressed. I told the doctor I felt it was allergies but he said that was unlikely. Yet he has no clear reason why I'm having these PVCs. I have difficulty breathing when it's humid or right after a rain. I live in Central Texas and we have a lot of ragweed, mold spores, cedar & live oak pollen. I truly believe these are the culprits. The heart palps usually start up when I'm resting, not while I'm walking or exercising.
I have had. Allergy Induced Asthma Since Early 1995 I just turned 51 this year 2018. I have had many of same symptoms as many of you specifically. Like a heart flutter. Whenever Im having Allergy attacks. My face will turn red have asthma attack itchyiness out of sort feeling falling asleep almost to the point of passing out confusion etc . I have had face swell up develop sinusitis.With associated pain like an ice pick going into my eye usually left one have had nonstop excruciating face pain in under eye for a month straight continuously at times this face pain happens maybe 1 or 2 times a year now And Usually the face pain and palpitation symptom doesnt happen together. The heart Palpitations showed up as pcvs for me also during a hospital stay i ended up being heart cathed and they diagnosed me with A Tachycardia which they stated is not the bad one and they then put me on 3 blood pressure pills although i had only borderline high blood pressure. Usually I have a slight flutter feeling in my chest. Othertimes My heart races out of control but either symptom comes whenever I have other Allergy reactions. Or a couple days after Yard is mowed. And. I have to change the furnace filter a day after yard is mowed to not suffer as much. My main allergies are cut  grass. molds ragweed. dust is the worst some animal dander. Also detergents  soaps. Perfumes fleas wasp stings etc. Sorry i cant concentrate as having major issues today and cant concentrate attack has. Affected it too thank you
Also the worst time of year for me here in Central Florida is Beginning in Oct And Jan is the worst Thank You again
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