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Anyone else have weird pulsing sensations in lower neck?

I have been having these a couple times a day.  They are strong and irregular and fast.  They last a few minutes and are in the front on my throat between my adam's apple and the little divet at the collar bone.  They do not beat in the same pattern as my neck pulse. Which I take tooooo often because I'm paranoid about my pvcs and nsvt LOL.   Now I am paranoid about these crazy pulsations. Can anybody help alleviate my fears?  LOL
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Yes.  It's probably a muscle twitch.
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Yeah, I thought of that also but this comes from deep in my neck like my pulse, but it is stronger and harder.  It's also really irregular in beat, just like my always irregular pulse.  I've had muscle twitches before and they seem to be more of a constant rhythm???  

I don't really know what it might be, although I have wondered about the aortic valve.  Anyway, thanks for the response.
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sounds like my muscle twitches as well... try drinking some more water
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I have this, too - in fact, I had it last night.  It's definitely a muscle twitch in my case.  
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Some twitches are regular, most are pretty disorganized and erratic.
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What causes this. I'm having 1 right now. It started on Monday (3 days ago) with me. I have glasses too, 25 & normal weight. Do i go & see a doc or an optomitris, or is it nothing major?
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Mine is a twitch on the side of my eye. The right hand side\right temple in other words. What is this? Anyone with any suggestions?
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these are NOT muscle twitches....it is more like a throbbing pulsing from deep inside my neck and seems to radiate up into my head. nothing like a twitch.  This is a very scary sensation and for me it happens when I am lying down...first started every time I would lie on my stomach....now it happens when I lie on my back as well...the only way I can sleep now is to lie on my right side....Sometimes when they start..I just lie there and try to determine where they are coming from...but then my arms start to go numb and I get scared and move positions....I am having a hard time getting to sleep at night
I’m experiencing something similar — no idea what it is — seems to happen about 2-4 times a day. Only in the past week.  I wondered if they were associated with thyroids.  Mine doesn’t happen lying down though. I am someone with an arrhythmia so it creeps me out too.
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