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Aortic Valve surgery

I am a 70 year old woman who has been diagnosed with aortic valve stenosis.  I have had two opinions that said I need aortic valve replacement surgery.  My question(s) concern minimally intrussive aortic valve replacement surgery.  How many are performed in the US each wear?  What is the success rate?  What hospitals or medical centers specialize in this procedure?
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Which procedure are you refering to? there does seem to be a 'minial invasive' label attached to a few procedures. I know that two years ago, aortic valves were replaced successfully in patients in Kings College in London using just a catheter through the artery in the leg, just like an angiogram. The collapsed valve replacement was sent to the correct position and expanded into place using a balloon, squashing the old valve leafs into the heart. As soon as the balloon was deflated, the valve started working immediately. I dont know if this has become common practice now though.
Here is a link showing that procedure.

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