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Concerned about ejection fraction

I recently had an echo with a low normal ejection fraction of 50-55%. It also showed mild mitral regurgitation. I had a baby 8 months ago and had an echo right after that showed EF of 65% and no regurgitation. During that time I had a lot of dizziness, very low bp, and palpitations. I also had a holter that showed around 6K PVCs/PACs a day.  I'm just now starting to feel somewhat better. My cardiologist is not concerned and says that maybe the tech that did the first echo wasn't as thorough, and it's possible they just missed something.
-I'm worried that I had undiagnosed peripartum cardiomyoparhy
-I'm worried about my lowered ejection fraction and what could've caused it
I'm just looking for any insight or anyone with a similar experience, thanks!!
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Peripartum cardiomyopathy (PPCM) is an uncommon disorder in which the heart dilates and weakens.
As a result, the EF goes down (<45%) and heart valves can start leaking since they do not enlarge as the rest of the heart does.

I guess you just summed up all the findings of the echo in your posting?

Your echo mentions no enlargement or weakening of the heart so PPCM is not to be expected.

Your EF is in the normal range. During pregnancy the heart has to work harder. Perhaps EF is a bit lower than 8 months ago but the difference is not significant and can very well be within tolerance of measurements.

Mildly leaking mitral valves are quite common and are normally nothing to worry about. I agree with your cardiologist that it is possible that it was there before but unnoticed during the first echo.

PPCM will for sure make you feel worse, while you state you feel better.

I think there is no reason not to trust your cardiologist. It is very, very unlikely that he would oversee PCCM. His no- worry-advise  is based on more than just the echo report.

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