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Enlarged left ventricle? HCM? Or athletes heart?

Im a 23 year old guy who used to play soccer everyday for a few hours, for about a year until last september. In october i got an echocardiogram which showed that mt LVsd is 1.1 cm and my LVpwd is 1.2. My left ventricular cavity is 4.7 cm. My ejection fraction is 65-70 at rest. And at peak stress it went up to 75-80. I keep freaking out I have  hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. I keep reading that normal ranges for the walls ar up to 1.1 other sites say 1.2. Also how my ejection fraction went up to 75-80. It says 75 is high normal my cardiologist said not to worry, that its cause i did sports. But how can i not worry? Any thoughts? I have really bad anxiety which makes me have symptoms that make me believe i have cardiomyopathy. During the stress echo my ejection fraction went up to 75-80 and my left ventricular cavity decreased, which my doctor said its normal cause the body needs more blood, but it doesnt sound normal. Specially since cardiomyopathy makes ejection fraction go up.
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By reading all your recent posts, it is clear you are obsessed with your heart. Your doctors have done all reasonable tests and you look to be normal. You should now maybe speak with some one about your health anxiety.
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The normal range for EF is 55-70%. There is however still a category of people with perfectly healthy heart that have an EF outside that range.

Especially athletes, and with few hours per day of exercising you are one, the normal often does not apply.
I.e. the normal resting heart rate is 60-100bpm, as athletes often have much lower healthy heart rates (cyclists often 30-40bpm).

You should not look at some isolated values in the echo report and draw conclusions from it. It is the whole picture that counts and only a doctor/cardiologist knows how to interpret it.
Therefore there is no need for alarm, especially as your doctor has tested you and concluded that your heart is just fine.
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