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Heart Echo Cardigram Result - mitral valve prolapse

My mother age 65, had heart issue . consulted doctor- ECG report says below IMPRESSIONS:

Please explain what is the report and what should be done for further treatment?
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Id enter what you put on here into the search engine of google as it can give you your answers
k sir
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Let me try to explain the ECG report a little.

Mitral Valve Prolapse:
The mitral valve is the valve between the left atrium and the left ventricle. When it closes it prevents the blood from flowing back from the ventricle to the atrium when the ventricle starts to contract. Prolapse means that the vlave bulges a little into the atrium. This is normally not a reason for much concern.

PA Pressures:
These are the blood pressures measured in the pulmonary (lung) arteries. They seem to be just fine.

Sclerotic Aortic Valve:
The aortic valve is the valve at the output of the left ventricle and opens when the left ventricle contracts to push out the blood. When this valve is sclerotic, it means it is thickened a bit, what could mean that is somewhat resticts the output flow of blood from the left venticle.

Concentric LVH:
The muscle of the left ventricle is mildly thickened. This can occur when the heart has to work hard to pump the blood through the body. This can be caused by high blood pressure but also i.e. with a not optimal working aortic valve.

Adequate LV Systolic function:
This means that the left ventricle function fine during the contraction phase.

LV diastolic dysfunction:
This means that the left ventricle does not relax very well in the non-contraction phase.

All in all, it seems that the heart is suffering from having to work too hard.
This could be caused by high blood pressure or by the sclerotic aortic valve.
To check the functional state of the aortic valve, you need to have an echo doppler done. Blood pressure can be measured easily of course.

Thanks Sir for your valuable comments. We went for the echo test sir. They said the same heart pumps blood difficult. Already my mother undergoing treatment for past five years for lungs due to pneumonia issues. We asked whether the heart has any heart attack blocks due to this. As suddenly last month she had sever pain in heart  admitted in hospital. They gave this above report in ECG. Now they says to take angiogram test. Please let me know whether angiogram is necessary in this stage as already she takes treatment for lungs she is more weak in health wise. We are confused....Please guide how to proceed...Currently the doctor gave this tablets for ten days: dopah,tonact,cordarone tablets..
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