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Hello dear

Im male 35 yrs old im obesse with 286 lbs my height 5.7ft and my blood pressure is 160/100mmhg  what should i do pls help
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Hi!  So, yes, you seem to be overweight, unfortunately.  And some people especially when overweight if they have familial hypertension (as in it runs in their genes) will develop high blood pressure.  Your blood pressure is too high.  You need to see your doctor and begin working on this.  Do you have an at home blood pressure cuff?  You need one and should take your bp several times a day and record it.  Sit with feet flat on floor, arm resting on table in front of you at heart level, think peaceful thoughts.  Once you've recorded it frequently and this is the typical number (the one you list above), then it is time to have your doctor intervene possibly with medication.  Medication to lower BP can be very effective.  Your lifestyle choices are also important.  You can begin working on your diet immediately.  It should be heart healthy. The Mediterranean diet is supposed to be excellent and there is something called DASH diet which you can look up that gives guidance.  The American Heart Association recommends both of these.  If you are given clearance by your doctor, you cal also begin exercising regularly.  Start slow.  walking daily for 30 minutes is a good way to start and as long as you do it in 10 minute minimum increments, you can break it up into parts during the day.  Stop smoking if you smoke.  https://www.webmd.com/hypertension-high-blood-pressure/how-to-lower-blood-pressure#1   Let me know what you think!  Losing some weight should help as well.  I know it is hard, but you can do it!
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