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Left ventricular hypertrophy dangerous?Please help?

Hello, in the summer I was diagnosed with MVP and Left Ventricular hypertrophy.I also had a big anxiety.Actually everything started after big panic attack which I thought that it was a heart attack. Usually I have lots of heart skippings and this makes me mad.They came and go like for the few weeks I have them very frequently and for a month I have them rarely.I really scared of LVH because I heard that this could be related with sudden death. My cardiologist did test , EKG, ECHO, and she gave me some beta blockers Atenol to take when needed only.Do you think if my LVH would be related to sudden death she would be telling me that? Because I really scared, and I google it a lot. Please help I m only 19! :(
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enlargement of your left ventricle maybe due to the mitral valve prolapse. as blood pools on your left ventricle because of your mitral valve, your left ventricle stretches more which results to enlargement. i have a classmate who have that too and she's on of course a lifetime medication. she was also subject for holter monitoring for a week or so to check her dysrhythmias before she was given the meds.
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This is something you should talk to your doctor about. You can ask your doctor for a 30 day event monitor to see what arrhythmia`s you may be having. For the most part try to stay calm your anxiety will only make you feel worse.  Best advice I can give you is follow your doctors orders see if the beta blockers help. You may want to get a second opinion.  I was dx with HOCM when I was in my twenties first thing I done was freak out. What a waist of time that was, It was not productive at all.

Learn about your problem make a list of questions for your doctor and make sure you understand the answers.
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Please someone answer this question :(
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