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Leg pain, muscle weakness , taking atenolol

Have had leg pain, leg weakness, and muscle pain in both legs since Aug 2008. Multiple nerve conduction tests, multiple mri, CTscan, X-rays, pain drugs, injections, nerve burns, chiropractic treatments, blood work, hormone therapy, and absolutely nothing has worked or found anything anywhere that is contributing or causing pain/weakness in my legs. None of the blood tests have detected any inflammation. Have tried various nerve drugs i.e gabapentin, amitriptyline, lyrica, Cymbalta, muscle relaxers, anti inflammatories just to mention a few of the drugs I’ve been prescribed and none have worked, I’ve been tested for various tick borne illnesses and all come back negative. None of the over 25 doctors i.e. neurologists, neurosurgeons,orthopedics, podiatrists, rheumatologist, and physical therapists have helped and can not tell me what is causing my muscle leg pain (equal in both legs) and weakness in both legs after years of tests, procedures, and thousands of dollars. Have asked DRs if medication could be causing symptoms and all have said no, even my cardiologist. My mobility has declined greatly since 2018. I’ve been taking atenolol 50mg for 14 yrs. I do not have high blood pressure. I have a heart rate issue post double CABG surgery when I was in my early 40s. I take Atenolol for heart rate control. Has anyone experienced these types of symptoms (leg pain, leg muscle weakness, calf pain) from taking atenolol? If so, did you stop taking atenolol and did things improve? Or, did you stop taking beta blockers all together and did things improve? If so, what medication did you start taking?
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Hello and welcome to the forum. I just want to say that you have really gone through a lot. Kudos for continuing to push for answers. Atenolol as you know is a Beta Blocker. Most can take this medication without much of anything to report side effect wise but as one ages, it's important to monitor. In digging into the literature, I do want to tell you that I indeed found leg pain as an uncommon side effect. But none the less is listedPlease copy and paste this link from Mayo Clinic that references it in the side effect section. https://www.mayoclinic.org/drugs-supplements/atenolol-oral-route/side-effects/drg-20071070 This is not to say that this is absolutely the cause of your long standing leg pain but I would see your cardiologist. Since the atenolol plays such a vital role in your health, you would need an adequate substitute but it may be worth a try to start a different medication. Please let us know how it goes.
Thank you for your information and help.  I’m seeing my cardiologist next week about replacing Atenolol. Are you aware of any beta blockers that do not cause muscle weakness, leg pain, lower back pain? I thought about asking him to put me on am calcium channel blocker.   Thank you.
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