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Lesions on mid LAD,dist LAD, mid CX and prox RCA with 60-65% stenososis-how serious

Took me by surprise that the doctor indicated that without aggressive medication, I could be looking at bypass surgery.  Will see doctor in 6 months unless I have some issues. In the past I had pressure on my chest when lying down or with some stress.  Wondering if there is anything else I could be doing.  I am more stressed after viewing my report!
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If they were obstructive, you would already need bypass surgery.

With aggressive medical management and lifestyle change you may get away with a stent or 2 later down the road...

Most likely though they’ll have to break your chest open at some point. It’s pretty serious. I’d make as many lifestyle changes and comply with instructions are carefully as possible. Stay in frequent communication with your doctor and don’t ignore chest pain. It’s pretty serious.
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It’s perfectly ok to be stressed in this scenario.

I would recommend that you actually seek out a therapist or behavioral health professional to see as well. Stress can make the problem worse and they can often help you come to terms with what you’re going through

All sorts of people, myself included, see such counselors just to get some advice about life issues (ie to cope with the stress of working in cardiac catheterization or electrophysiology all day).

I would also recommend that you use that stress.. channel it in to becoming this biggest health nut the world has ever seen.

Often times these sorts of “wake up calls” are just what an individual needs to look back at some of their past medical decisions (drinking, smoking, diet etc) and realize the error of their ways a bit.

This may or may not be you. A big factor here is genetics and lots of patients with healthy lifestyles find themselves in the same boat.

This all said; you really do need to take this seriously. Yes. You can die from this. You can get a bypass surgery as a result of this.

If you like being alive, you will make your health and compliance with any and all instructions a priority.

If you take the medicines and do the absolute best you can to lead to healthiest lifestyle possible I think you got a good chance moving forward!
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Thank you for the advise, as I don’t drink or smoke and are careful with diet I believe that genetics are playing a good part in this.
All too often that is the case.. probably like 70% of the problem (anecdotally speaking) is genetic and 30% is up to the patient in most situations.

That 70% is up to God, you can’t do much about it.

But that 30% is gonna be all you! Focus on what you can control and do your best!

If it comes down to surgery, so be it! We do these all the time and trust me when I say: if a patient has been doing all the right things, the surgical team is gonna go all out to get the best outcome!

Whenever we get patients that truly did just draw the short straw when it comes to genetics; it really does inspire the team to go the extra mile for a patient.

In theory every patient is supposed to be treated equally, but there really is something demotivating when you’re tryna work on someone who says “screw it” and goes to McDonald’s after a diagnosis. Whether intentional or unintentional, the team tends to just be more lively and sharper witted when they treat a marathon runner.
Thanks for your comments, I’m going to be trying my best to keep things healthy as possible and on track.
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