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Low ejection fraction/Cardiomyopathy


I'm a 27 year old male, with no prior history of health problems.  A few months ago, I began feeling "under the weather", and wound up in the ER twice in 3 days.  I went to a few specialists, had a brain MRI, which were negative.  More recently I saw a cardiologist who ordered a stress test, holter, echo, and finally cardiac MRI.  The stress test, holter, and EKG seemed fine.  However, the echo showed a low ejection fraction, confirmed by the MRI.  The fraction in 41%, but the report showed normal size of the heart and chambers, and no thickening of the walls.  My cardiologist says this may have been caused by a virus, and put me on an ultra low dose of Coreg (3.125mg 2x/day).  I am obviously very concerned about this because of my age.  And was wondering if there are any other explanations?  And will my heart return to normal strength possibly?  Any advice/thoughts would be greatly appreciated.    
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i was dignosed with mild cardiomyopathy with enlargment of left ventricular with regergitaion,with 40% ejection fraction,i just wonder how serouse this is or can get
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Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I have cardiomyopathy caused by a 'virus' while I was on holiday in the usa,I was 18 at the time and my word I was freaked out I had 6% enjection fraction and top of the trantsplant list.I had so many drugs hooked up to me my room was a pharmacy, from what I remember I had enalipril heprin milranone asprin degoxin morphine dopamine plus a few more that I can't quite remember. I was also in a wheel chair for a    couple of years until one day I had enough of  living with it, I had to regain my life it was the  best thing I could gave ever done, I came off of   enalipril 2 years ago now. Prior to this attack I   was a heathy,active in every way. Could I have   avoided  it? I very much doubt. This was 13  years ago I  was at deaths door ! But as time  went on I got  better and better, how I do not  know. I think your state of Mind really helps your future In every way,what I'm trying to say to people in this situation is don't right yourself off just yet ! Listen to your body and yourself a good. Cardiolagist . Praise dr conti without him  I would not be writting this text.
Stay well  happysnax
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oh wow, sounds like you've been through the ringer and back - an ef of 6%

Did you have any problems with withdrawl for your meds? That is amazing and glad you posted - what did your ef improve to?

I agree about the mind - I've said this and posted so many times....the mind is a very powerful tool, use it wisely [which I have to remind myself of often]

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Hi everyone I have just been recently diagnosed with A-fib and low ejection fraction 3 months ago. My ef is 25%. I am 49yrs. old. My heart cath came back normal about 10% blockage.Except for Low ejection fraction. I have the symptoms of short of breath which is often,also light headedness not all the time depends on what I'm doing,also I noticed low blood pressure,too. How can some people have symptoms and some people don't?
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It is estimated about 26% of the heart disorder populatioin do not know they have an EF below 29% (heart failure range). Sometimes a patients with a lower EF feel better than a patient within the normal range of 55 to 75%. Some individuals compensate well others don't.

If your system compensates well,  that will reduce the demand for oxygenated blood and a low cardiac output will not stress the heart and produce symptoms.  If your system, for instance high blood pressure, the heart will work harder and the result can be an increase in symptoms.  Between these two extreme conditions there can be a variation with symptoms.  If you are on medication, that can be a factor as well.  

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Thank you..They have me on a high dose of coreg 25mg 2x daily along with verapimil,lisinopril,lasix,and other meds for diabeties.I have good days and bad days..I also am dealing with A-fib..I have had A-fib before..And I am dealing with sleep apnea..I guess when it rains it pours..My doctors are mainly working on my longevity of life for now..Getting heart back in sinus rythmn with a cardio-version..The first episode with Afib in 2005 it took several attempts for it to take..They have told me there is no fixing what I have..short of a heart transplant..
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