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MVP and enlarged right ventricle

I was old about 2 1/2 years ago that I have a minor mvp (I had noticed this due to palpitations).  I was told that nothing needed to be done at that stage.  I have just had an ecg and have been told that I have an enlarged right ventricle.  I was told in the past that I had this but it was due to the fact that I have a bit of a pigeon chest (coo coo).and that if I ever have a chest x-ray it would show as enlarged as it kind of pumped sideways instead of forwards (sounds strange but who am I to question the experts?)  So now I am wondering if it has showed up on an ecg, doesn't that mean that is actually enlarged and is the combination of the both of concern?  I will be having an appointment with a cardiologist when they can book it but would like not to freak myself out by reading the wrong info on the internet.  Thanks
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Oops, old about 2 1/2 years ago, now even older!  Forgot to mention, I'm a 48 year old woman.
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Hi there! First of all, great choice going to the cardio. Getting reassurance is key.

The cardio will also be able to tell you if you should expect your EKG to show such, that may all be very normal for you.

My doc said, sometimes it's normal to be abnormal :)

My biggest advise, do NOT look on the interest. It is the WORSE thing you can do. Google is awful and it can start a horrible cycle of "what if" etc.  Talk to your cardio about your concerns and let them address it with you. This way in the future if you hear this again, you can blow it off and know that everything is just fine :)
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Thanks for that, yes indeed I agree about the internet, I've almost convinced myself I have 'the black lung' or possibly scurvy!
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Hi there,

MVP is a very common finding on an Echo, but can not be picked up on an ECG.  With MVP the blood flow to the heart and lungs is abnormal and if the leak is to severe your heart chambers, then heart enlarges and you go into heart failure and then need a mitral valve repair or fix.

I had a diagnoses of MVP in Dec. 2006 when I went into Atrial fibrillation and by then my MVP was graded as 2-3 and no heart enlargement (Grading:  0-1 minimal/normal, grade 3-4 moderate and 5-6 severe and needs operation).  Then in Jan. 2008 my heart was enlarged, I was in heart failure and pulmonary hypertention and I had my mitral valve repair done 31 Mar. 2008.

Not to scare you, but you do need to get to a Cardiologist and possibly they need to do a TEE (almost like Endoscopy, just for the heart) as a TEE is a very accurate test to do grading and measurements of heart and heart chambers.

All the best and let us know how you are doing.
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Just one more thing:  if you have high bloodpressure your heart can also enlarge, but ultimately an ECG alone is not enough to make a proper diagnoses or warrant treatment/intervention.

Sorry, don't want you to be anxious or scared about all the info and about my history.  I did not have normal MVP (the TEE that was done minutes before my heart surgery confirmed that the leaflets of my mitral valve was deformed since birth - congenital defect - and that is why I deteriorated so fast).

The "normal" MVP patient will not need surgery as the leaflets actually stiffens with the ageing process and that fix the leak :)

hope to hear from you soon again.
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