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Missing a chance for a diagnoses

Several years ago I was diagnosed with sinus tachycardia.  For the last couple of years I started having episodes of missed beats.  In the last three months I have had five episodes where I feel my heart "stalls" or "pauses".  With two of these episodes the symptoms were quite severe, the first having slumped against my sister because of weakness and almost fainting and the second with  blurred and fuzzy vision with an orange ring around it and almost fainting.  Both episodes gave me a tightness or squeezing in my chest along with a building pressure.  Once I feel that I am almost going to faint it passes, but I feel weak and tired afterwards.  I check my BP and it will be high.  I have been told that I have a conduction problem and may need a pacemaker.  I have worn a 24 hr Holter monitor and am now wearing an event monitor.  I did not have anything occur while wearing the Holter monitor and nothing has occurred as of yet while wearing the event monitor.  My question is if nothing occurs while wearing this monitor is there another test to diagnose this problem?
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Hi!  My heart tests were always wonderful.  Nothing showed with the event or Holter monitors. If they can, have them check your SA node...if there is a test for that.  It's your atria's electrical system.  My pacemaker is doing about 70% of my SA node's work. but less than 1% of my VA node's work.  Which means my ventricles are doing their own work...not so much my atria.
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In my case, I had to run to the doctor's office while I was having the attack.  The ekg picked up SVTs.  But it had to be caught during the attack.
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Sorry, hit the key before I was finished.  There can be missed or skipped beats in a healthy heart too.
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