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Reduced heart blood flow due to jailed diagonal branch

I am 54 and very athletic. I had one stent put in 7 years ago and 2 more a month ago even though on medicine and a better diet (high cholesterol). During last procedure they had to block (jailed) the first diagonal. Operating Doctor tried but could not avoid (said would be no issue). After nuclear stress test my cardiologist says it showed modeler sized area of ischemia in the mid anterolateral wall, apical lateral wall and to some degree the mid anterior wall. There was evidence of infraction involving the basil to mid and apical interior wall and apex. This was due to jailed diagonal. My exercise tolerance test was exceptional. I know I am lucky and accepting that I have heart disease but the doctor is recommending that I keep my heart rate below 80% which limits my bike riding. Question: does this blocked diagonal impact flow that much to warrant 80%, why not 90% limit?
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I have to say that I am quite shocked. I really didn't think that a Cardiologist would think it fine to block off a quite significant artery of the heart thinking it will be fine. I believe they want you to reduce to 80% to prevent re-modelling of the heart. Where the infarction area is, the heart has a high probability of altering shape over the years, making it less efficient. A question I have to ask is "why on earth didn't they do a bypass to save that infarction?"
interesting case due the fact that also my D1 blocked two weeks ago during procedure
i can see that this case is from 2104 but it is very important to me to know what was  later on impact
Can "Daddygeo" reply?
That member has not posted since that one post in 2014 and we lost Ed, I'm afraid there probably won't be a reply unfortunately.
Thanks for your reply
i am new in this forum and didn't find the option of looking for specific topic
is it possible in this forum?
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